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Singleness meaning in Urdu

Singleness Sentence

His singleness of purpose.

Singleness Definitions

1) Singleness : اکیلا ہونے کی حالت : (noun) the quality of concentrating on one central objective.


Useful Words

Whom : جس کو , Limited War : محدود جنگ , Exteriorise : ٹہوس شکل میں پیش کرنا , Homing Device : میزائیل کی رہنمائی کا آلہ , Bias : تعصب , Task Force : جوکھم دستہ , Common Mood : عام مزاج , Barrier : رکاوٹ , Compound Microscope : مرکب خردبین , Strike : حملہ , Expedition : جنگی مہم , Commerce : تجارت , Decency : معقولیت , Ability : صلاحیت , Call : کہنا , Detergence : صفائی , Wuhan : چین کا ایک شہر , Sacredness : تقدس , Loyalty : وفا داری , Immobility : ٹھیرا , Duplicability : افزایش نو , Exiguity : کمزوری , Impregnate : آلودہ کرنا , Add : اضافہ کرنا , Hatefulness : نا پسندیدگی , A-One : عمدہ ترین , Alienage : بیگانگی , Individualism : انفرادیت , Characteristic : امتیاز , Ghastliness : بھیانک پن , Inutility : ناکارہ چیز

Useful Words Definitions

Whom: The objective case of who.

Limited War: a war whose objective is less than the unconditional defeat of the enemy.

Exteriorise: make external or objective, or give reality to.

Homing Device: the mechanism in a guided missile that guides it toward its objective.

Bias: a partiality that prevents objective consideration of an issue or situation.

Task Force: a temporary military unit formed to accomplish a particular objective.

Common Mood: a mood (grammatically unmarked) that represents the act or state as an objective fact.

Barrier: any condition that makes it difficult to make progress or to achieve an objective.

Compound Microscope: light microscope that has two converging lens systems: the objective and the eyepiece.

Strike: an attack that is intended to seize or inflict damage on or destroy an objective.

Expedition: a military campaign designed to achieve a specific objective in a foreign country.

Commerce: transactions (sales and purchases) having the objective of supplying commodities (goods and services).

Decency: the quality of conforming to standards of propriety and morality; the quality of being polite and respectable.

Ability: the quality of being able to perform; a quality that permits or facilitates achievement or accomplishment.

Call: ascribe a quality to or give a name of a common noun that reflects a quality.

Detergence: detergent quality; the quality of having cleansing power.

Wuhan: a city of central China on the Chang Jiang; the commercial and industrial center of central China.

Sacredness: the quality of being sacred.

Loyalty: the quality of being loyal.

Immobility: the quality of not moving.

Duplicability: the quality of being reproducible.

Exiguity: the quality of being meager.

Impregnate: fill, as with a certain quality.

Add: bestow a quality on.

Hatefulness: the quality of being hateful.

A-One: of the highest quality.

Alienage: the quality of being alien.

Individualism: the quality of being individual.

Characteristic: a distinguishing quality.

Ghastliness: the quality of being ghastly.

Inutility: the quality of having no practical use.

Related Words

Assiduity : تن دہی

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