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Slide Fastener meaning in Urdu

Slide Fastener Synonyms


Slide Fastener Definitions

1) Slide Fastener, Zip, Zip Fastener, Zipper : کہولنے بند کرنے کا دندانے دار فیتہ : (noun) a fastener for locking together two toothed edges by means of a sliding tab.

Useful Words

Hook And Eye : ہک بٹن , Link : گرہ , Seal : سیل , Button : بٹن , Clothes Peg : چٹخنی , Lock : تالہ , Nail : کیل , Cottar : پانہ , Buckle : بکسوا , Staple : کاغذ سینے کا تار , Cringle : پھندا , Toggle : کڑی , Sideslip : پھسلاوٴ , Skid : پھسلنا , Black And White : سیاہ و سفید , Magic Lantern : جادو کی لالٹین , Slippery : پھسلنے والی , Avalanche : پہاڑ سے گرتا ہوا تودہ , Drawer : دراز , Trombone : ترم بون , Exposure : تصویر , Cogwheel : گراری , Zip : زپ بند کرنا , Hook : کنڈا , Cardigan : وہ سویٹر جو سامنے سے بٹن وغیرہ سے بند کیا جاۓ , Belt Bag : کمر بیگ , Trap Door : فرش دروازہ , Skid : پٹرا , Two-Step : دو تال کا رقص , Chock : گٹکا , Door : دروازہ

Useful Words Definitions

Hook And Eye: a kind of fastener used on clothing.

Link: a fastener that serves to join or connect.

Seal: fastener that provides a tight and perfect closure.

Button: a round fastener sewn to shirts and coats etc to fit through buttonholes.

Clothes Peg: wood or plastic fastener; for holding clothes on a clothesline.

Lock: a fastener fitted to a door or drawer to keep it firmly closed.

Nail: a thin pointed piece of metal that is hammered into materials as a fastener.

Cottar: fastener consisting of a wedge or pin inserted through a slot to hold two other pieces together.

Buckle: fastener that fastens together two ends of a belt or strap; often has loose prong.

Staple: paper fastener consisting of a short length of U-shaped wire that can fasten papers together.

Cringle: fastener consisting of a metal ring for lining a small hole to permit the attachment of cords or lines.

Toggle: a fastener consisting of a peg or pin or crosspiece that is inserted into an eye at the end of a rope or a chain or a cable in order to fasten it to something (as another rope or chain or cable).

Sideslip: an unexpected slide.

Skid: slide without control.

Black And White: a black-and-white photograph or slide.

Magic Lantern: an early form of slide projector.

Slippery: causing or tending to cause things to slip or slide.

Avalanche: a slide of large masses of snow and ice and mud down a mountain.

Drawer: a boxlike container in a piece of furniture; made so as to slide in and out.

Trombone: a brass instrument consisting of a long tube whose length can be varied by a U-shaped slide.

Exposure: a representation of a person or scene in the form of a print or transparent slide; recorded by a camera on light-sensitive material.

Cogwheel: a toothed wheel that engages another toothed mechanism in order to change the speed or direction of transmitted motion.

Zip: close with a zipper.

Hook: a catch for locking a door.

Cardigan: knitted jacket that is fastened up the front with buttons or a zipper.

Belt Bag: a small pouch (usually with a zipper) that attaches to a belt and is worn around the waist.

Trap Door: a hinged or sliding door in a floor or ceiling.

Skid: one of a pair of planks used to make a track for rolling or sliding objects.

Two-Step: a ballroom dance in duple meter; marked by sliding steps.

Chock: a block of wood used to prevent the sliding or rolling of a heavy object.

Door: a swinging or sliding barrier that will close the entrance to a room or building or vehicle.

Related Words

Dress : خواتین کا کندھے سے لے کر گھٹنے تک کا سالم لباس , Fastener : جمانے یا روکنے والا , Pant : پتلون

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