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Clasp meaning in Urdu

Clasp Sentence

He released his clasp on my arm.

Clasp Synonyms


Clasp Definitions

1 of 3) Clasp, Clench, Clutch, Clutches, Grasp, Grip, Hold : پکڑ, گرفت : (noun) the act of grasping.

2 of 3) Clasp : پکڑنا : (verb) hold firmly and tightly.

3 of 3) Clasp, Brooch : باندھنا, بالوں میں کلپ لگانا : (verb) fasten with or as if with a brooch.

Useful Words

Unclasp : گرفت کو ڈھیلا کرنا , Rapacious : لالچ , Prehensile : پکڑنے کے قابل , Chela : چنگل , Grapnel : کئی ہک والا ایک آلہ جس سے چیزیں پکڑنے میں مدد ملتی ہے , Limb : پر , Pair Of Pincers : ایک قسم کا اوزار , Handclasp : مصافحہ , Tentacle : سونڈ , Act : کام , Firm : سختی سے , Avaricious : لالچی , Hold : رکھنا , Tightly : کسا ہوا

Useful Words Definitions

Unclasp: release from a clasp.

Rapacious: excessively greedy and grasping.

Prehensile: adapted for grasping especially by wrapping around an object.

Chela: a grasping structure on the limb of a crustacean or other arthropods.

Grapnel: a tool consisting of several hooks for grasping and holding; often thrown with a rope.

Limb: one of the jointed appendages of an animal used for locomotion or grasping: arm; leg; wing; flipper.

Pair Of Pincers: a hand tool for holding consisting of a compound lever for grasping.

Handclasp: grasping and shaking a person`s hand (as to acknowledge an introduction or to agree on a contract).

Tentacle: any of various elongated tactile or prehensile flexible organs that occur on the head or near the mouth in many animals; used for feeling or grasping or locomotion.

Act: something that people do or cause to happen.

Firm: with resolute determination.

Avaricious: immoderately desirous of acquiring e.g. wealth.

Hold: keep in a certain state, position, or activity; e.g.,.

Tightly: in a tight or constricted manner.

Related Words

Embrace : گلے لگانا , Grasp : مضبوطی سے پکڑنا , Fasten : جمانا

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