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1) Sliding Keel, Centerboard, Centreboard, Drop Keel : جہاز رائی : (noun) a retractable fin keel used on sailboats to prevent drifting to leeward.

Related : Sailing Boat : a small sailing vessel; usually with a single mast.

Useful Words

Careen, Keel, Lurch, Reel, Stagger, Swag : ڈگمگا کرچلنا : walk as if unable to control one`s movements. "She keeled over from a high fever".

Keel Over : اوندھا ہوکر گرنا : turn over and fall. "The man had a heart attack and keeled over".

Keelson : اندرونی شہتیر : a longitudinal beam connected to the keel of ship to strengthen it.

Keelboat : ایک قسم کی کشتی : river boat with a shallow draught and a keel but no sails; used to carry freight; moved by rowing or punting or towing.

Chock, Wedge : گٹکا : a block of wood used to prevent the sliding or rolling of a heavy object.

Drip, Dripping : ٹپکنے کی آواز : the sound of a liquid falling drop by drop. "The constant sound of dripping irritated him".

Adrift, Afloat, Aimless, Directionless, Planless, Rudderless, Undirected : بے مقصد بھٹکتا : aimlessly drifting.

Instil, Instill : قطرہ قطرہ ڈالنا : enter drop by drop. "Instill medication into my eye".

Sailing : جہاز رانی : riding in a sailboat.

Catboat : یک بادبانی کشتی : a sailboat with a single mast set far forward.

Catamaran : دو پایہ کشتی : a sailboat with two parallel hulls held together by single deck.

Drogue, Sea Anchor : ایک قسم کا بادبان جو جہاز کو بے سمت نہیں ہونے دیتا : restraint consisting of a canvas covered frame that floats behind a vessel; prevents drifting or maintains the heading into a wind.

Avert, Avoid, Debar, Deflect, Fend Off, Forefend, Forfend, Head Off, Obviate, Stave Off, Ward Off : روکنا : prevent the occurrence of; prevent from happening. "Obviate a possible future confrontation".

Trap Door : فرش دروازہ : a hinged or sliding door in a floor or ceiling. "Trap door is open".

Slide Fastener, Zip, Zip Fastener, Zipper : کہولنے بند کرنے کا دندانے دار فیتہ : a fastener for locking together two toothed edges by means of a sliding tab.

Dewdrop : شبنم کا اوس کا قطرہ : a drop of dew.

Skid : پٹرا : one of a pair of planks used to make a track for rolling or sliding objects.

Two-Step : دو تال کا رقص : a ballroom dance in duple meter; marked by sliding steps.

Droplet : چھوٹا سا قطرہ : a tiny drop. "Droplet of blood".

Dive, Plunge, Plunk : گرنا : drop steeply. "Karachi stock market plunged".

Raindrop : بارش کا قطرہ : a drop of rain.

Door : دروازہ : a swinging or sliding barrier that will close the entrance to a room or building or vehicle. "They broke the door to get in".

Maildrop : وہ جگہ جہاں ڈاک یا خط جمع ہوتے ہیں : a drop where mail can be deposited.

Abacus : گنتارا : a calculator that performs arithmetic functions by manually sliding counters on rods or in grooves. "Abacus computer for sale".

Fall, Spill, Tumble : گرنا : a sudden drop from an upright position. "Lest you should fall".

Air-Drop : ہوا سے گرنا : drop (an object) from the air; unload from a plane or helicopter.

Hit The Deck, Hit The Dirt : چھلانگ لگا دینا : fall or drop suddenly, usually to evade some danger. "The soldiers hit the dirt when they heard gunfire".

Backslide, Lapse : گر جانا : drop to a lower level, as in one`s morals or standards.

Tear, Teardrop : آنسو : a drop of the clear salty saline solution secreted by the lacrimal glands. "No more tears".

Jaeger : سمندری پرندہ : rapacious seabird that pursues weaker birds to make them drop their prey.

Dropper, Eye Dropper : آنکھ میں دوائی ڈالنے والا آلہ : pipet consisting of a small tube with a vacuum bulb at one end for drawing liquid in and releasing it a drop at a time. "She used an eye dropper to administer medication to the eyes".

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