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Soap Dish Meaning in Urdu

1. Soap Dish : صابن دانی : (noun) a bathroom or kitchen fixture for holding a bar of soap.

Fix the soap dish in bathroom.

Fixture - an object firmly fixed in place (especially in a household).

Useful Words

Bar - Barricade - Block - Block Off - Block Up - Blockade - Stop : ناکہ بندی کرنا : render unsuitable for passage. "Barricade the streets"

Bath - Bathroom : غسل خانہ : a room (as in a residence) containing a bathtub or shower and usually a washbasin and toilet.

Fixture : جمی ہوئی چیز : an object firmly fixed in place (especially in a household).

Holding - Keeping - Retention : حراست : the act of retaining something.

Kitchen : باورچی خانہ : a room equipped for preparing meals. "She gets busy in her kitchen"

Soap : صابن : a cleansing agent made from the salts of vegetable or animal fats.