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Sobriety meaning in Urdu

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1 of 2) Sobriety, Graveness, Gravity, Soberness, Somberness, Sombreness : سنجیدگی : (noun) a manner that is serious and solemn.

Related : Sincerity : the trait of being serious.

2 of 2) Sobriety, Temperance : پرہیز : (noun) abstaining from excess.

Related : Abstinence : act or practice of refraining from indulging an appetite.

Useful Words

Vow : عہد : a solemn pledge (to oneself or to another or to a deity) to do something or to behave in a certain manner. "They took vows of poverty".

Center Of Gravity, Centre Of Gravity : مرکز ثقل : the point within something at which gravity can be considered to act; in uniform gravity it is equal to the center of mass.

Plight, Troth : عہد وفاداری : a solemn pledge of fidelity.

Swearer : قسم کھانے والا : someone who takes a solemn oath.

Adjuratory : فرض : containing a solemn charge or command.

Adjuration : حلف : a solemn and earnest appeal to someone to do something.

Protest, Protestation : مخالفت : a formal and solemn declaration of objection. "They finished the game under protest to the league president".

High Mass : عیسائیوں کا موسیقی کے ساتھ دعا کرنا : a solemn and elaborate Mass with music. "High Mass is being sung in the church".

Testimony : شہادت : a solemn statement made under oath. "His testimony is an essential element of a prosecution case".

Ceremony : رسم : any activity that is performed in an especially solemn elaborate or formal way. "The ceremony of smelling the cork and tasting the wine".

Rogation : التجا : a solemn supplication ceremony prescribed by the church.

Lucubration : مطالعہ : a solemn literary work that is the product of laborious cogitation.

Celebration, Solemnisation, Solemnization : منانے کا عمل : the public performance of a sacrament or solemn ceremony with all appropriate ritual. "Solemnization of marriage".

Heaviness, Ponderousness : بھدا پن : an oppressive quality that is laborious and solemn and lacks grace or fluency. "A book so serious that it sometimes subsided into ponderousness".

Oath : قسم : a solemn promise, usually invoking a divine witness, regarding your future acts or behavior. "They took an oath of allegiance".

Consecration : وقف کرنے کا عمل : a solemn commitment of your life or your time to some cherished purpose (to a service or a goal). "His consecration to study".

Hover, Levitate : ہوا میں معلق ہونا : be suspended in the air, as if in defiance of gravity. "The guru claimed that he could levitate".

Multiple Star : ستاروں کا جمگھٹا : a system of three or more stars associated by gravity.

Levitate : ہوا میں تیرنا : cause to rise in the air and float, as if in defiance of gravity. "Ajmal levitating with joy".

Power Dive : ہوائی جہاز کا غوطہ : a dive of an airplane that is accelerated both by gravity and by the power of the engine.

Weight : وزن : the vertical force exerted by a mass as a result of gravity. "Keep losing your weight".

Grave, Grievous, Heavy, Weighty : انتہائی اہم : of great gravity or crucial import; requiring serious thought. "Grave responsibilities".

Aerodynamic Lift, Lift : ہوا کی مدد سے بلند ہونے والا : the component of the aerodynamic forces acting on an airfoil that opposes gravity.

Triphammer : بجلی سے چلنے والا وزنی ہتھوڑا : a massive power hammer; raised by a cam until released to fall under gravity. "Triphammer went yesterday".

Ballistic : قذفی : relating to or characteristic of the motion of objects moving under their own momentum and the force of gravity. "Ballistic missile".

Pendulum : لٹکن : an apparatus consisting of an object mounted so that it swings freely under the influence of gravity.

Accretion : آسمانی شئے کا وجود میں آنا : (astronomy) the formation of a celestial object by the effect of gravity pulling together surrounding objects and gases.

Affirmation : عہد : (religion) a solemn declaration that serves the same purpose as an oath (if an oath is objectionable to the person on religious or ethical grounds).

Dump Truck, Dumper, Tip Truck, Tipper, Tipper Lorry, Tipper Truck : لدو ٹرک : truck whose contents can be emptied without handling; the front end of the platform can be pneumatically raised so that the load is discharged by gravity.

Perpendicular, Plumb Line : شاقول کی ڈوری : a cord from which a metal weight is suspended pointing directly to the earth's center of gravity; used to determine the vertical from a given point.

Heavy Metal : بھاری دھات : a metal of relatively high density (specific gravity greater than about 5) or of high relative atomic weight (especially one that is poisonous like mercury or lead).

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