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Social Club meaning in Urdu

Social Club Synonyms


Social Club Definitions

1) Social Club, Club, Gild, Guild, Lodge, Order, Society : انجمن, ہم خیال لوگوں کی تنظیم, سماج : (noun) a formal association of people with similar interests.

Useful Words

Sorority : لڑکیوں کی انجمن , Cudgel : ڈنڈا , Clubable : ملنے والا , Bludgeon : ڈنڈا , Ace Of Clubs : اکا پتے کا , Bludgeon : ڈنڈے سے مارنا , Ground Fir : مختلف قسم کے کلب موس پودے , Rotarian : روٹری کلب کا رکن , Bat : بلا , Turnverein : جمناسٹیوں کی انجمن , Country Club : تفریح کا کلب , Indian Club : بوتل کی شکل کی چوب جو وررش میں استعمال ہوتی ہے , Baton : ڈنڈا , Jockey Club : گھڑ دوڑ کا کلب , Parlor : بیٹھک , Guest Night : مہمانوں کی شام , Club Moss : کلب موس بغیر پہولوں کا سدا بہار پودا , Knobkerrie : لاٹھی نما چھڑی , Valet Parking : ہوٹل یا ہوائی اڈے وغیرہ کے داخلے پر گاڑی کھڑی کرنے کی جگہ , Function : تقریب , Anthropology : انسان کا مطالعہ , Folk : طبقہ , Class : طبقہ , Party : تقریب , Gentlefolk : اعلی نسب کے لوگ , Youth Crusade : نوجوانوں کی تحریک , Clannish : ادعا پسند , Chamber Of Commerce : ایوان تجارت , Alliance : میثاق , Sir : سر , Association : انجمن

Useful Words Definitions

Sorority: a social club for female undergraduates.

Cudgel: a club that is used as a weapon.

Clubable: inclined to club together.

Bludgeon: a club used as a weapon.

Ace Of Clubs: the ace in the club suit.

Bludgeon: strike with a club or a bludgeon.

Ground Fir: a variety of club moss.

Rotarian: a member of a Rotary Club.

Bat: the club used in playing cricket.

Turnverein: a club of tumblers or gymnasts.

Country Club: a suburban club for recreation and socializing.

Indian Club: a bottle-shaped club used in exercises.

Baton: a short stout club used primarily by policemen.

Jockey Club: a club to promote and regulate horse racing.

Parlor: reception room in an inn or club where visitors can be received.

Guest Night: an evening when members of a club or college can bring their friends as guests.

Club Moss: primitive evergreen moss-like plant with spores in club-shaped strobiles.

Knobkerrie: a short wooden club with a heavy knob on one end; used by aborigines in southern Africa.

Valet Parking: a service provided (at a club or restaurant or airport etc.) whereby a patron leaves a car at the entrance and an attendant parks and retrieves it.

Function: a formal or official social gathering or ceremony.

Anthropology: anthropology is the social science that investigates the origins and social relationships of human beings, encompassing various aspects of human life, culture, and evolution.

Folk: a social division of (usually preliterate) people.

Class: people having the same social, economic, or educational status.

Party: an occasion on which people can assemble for social interaction and entertainment.

Gentlefolk: people of good family and breeding and high social status.

Youth Crusade: political or religious or social reform movement or agitation consisting chiefly of young people.

Clannish: befitting or characteristic of those who incline to social exclusiveness and who rebuff the advances of people considered inferior.

Chamber Of Commerce: an association of businessmen to protect and promote business interests.

Alliance: a formal agreement establishing an association or alliance between nations or other groups to achieve a particular aim.

Sir: sir is used as a respectful form of address for a man. It is often used to show deference or politeness when speaking to someone in a position of authority or as a way to show respect in formal or professional settings. "Sir" is also commonly used to address someone in a customer service or hospitality context. It is a term that denotes respect and is often used to address a person of higher social status or authority.

Association: a formal organization of people or groups of people.

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