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Social Occasion meaning in Urdu

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Social Occasion Definitions

1) Social Occasion, Affair, Function, Occasion, Social Function : دعوت : (noun) a vaguely specified social event.

Useful Words

Party : تقریب , Clip : بار , Ceremonial : تقریب , Celebration : جشن , In One Case : ایک دفعہ , Inappropriate : نامناسب , Appositeness : موزونیت , Anthropology : انسان کا مطالعہ , Congratulation : مبارک باد , Always : سدا , Red-Letter : یادگار , Suitable : موزوں , Attire : لباس , Competition : مقابلہ , Valedictory : رخصتی سے متعلق , Buy In : ذخیرہ کرنا , Hymeneals : شادی , Proper : معقول , Condole : تعزیت کرنا , Host : میزبان , Drone : نر مکھی , Sleepover : گھر پر یا گھر سے دور تفریح کے لئے رات گزانے کا موقع , Address : معاشرتی سلیقہ , Assemblage : اجتماع , Socially : معاشرتی طور پر , Family : خاندان , Gauche : بے سلیقہ , Purdah : تنہائی , Classless : یک طبقاتی , Affiliation : تعلق , Quality : قابلیت

Useful Words Definitions

Party: an occasion on which people can assemble for social interaction and entertainment.

Clip: an instance or single occasion for some event.

Ceremonial: a formal event performed on a special occasion.

Celebration: a joyful occasion for special festivities to mark some happy event.

In One Case: on one occasion.

Inappropriate: not suitable for a particular occasion etc.

Appositeness: appropriateness for the occasion.

Anthropology: anthropology is the social science that investigates the origins and social relationships of human beings, encompassing various aspects of human life, culture, and evolution.

Congratulation: the act of acknowledging that someone has an occasion for celebration.

Always: at all times; all the time and on every occasion.

Red-Letter: memorable for being a special occasion.

Suitable: meant or adapted for an occasion or use.

Attire: clothing of a distinctive style or for a particular occasion.

Competition: an occasion on which a winner is selected from among two or more contestants.

Valedictory: of or relating to an occasion or expression of farewell.

Buy In: amass so as to keep for future use or sale or for a particular occasion or use.

Hymeneals: the social event at which the ceremony of marriage is performed.

Proper: appropriate for a condition or purpose or occasion or a person's character, needs.

Condole: express one`s sympathetic grief, on the occasion of someone`s death.

Host: a person who invites guests to a social event (such as a party in his or her own home) and who is responsible for them while they are there.

Drone: stingless male bee in a colony of social bees (especially honeybees) whose sole function is to mate with the queen.

Sleepover: an occasion of spending a night away from home or having a guest spend the night in your home (especially as a party for children).

Address: social skill.

Assemblage: the social act of assembling.

Socially: in a social manner.

Family: a social unit living together.

Gauche: lacking social polish.

Purdah: a state of social isolation.

Classless: favoring social equality.

Affiliation: a social or business relationship.

Quality: high social status.

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