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1) Soft Coal, Bituminous Coal : نرم کوئلہ : (noun) rich in tarry hydrocarbons; burns readily with a smoky yellow flame.

Related : Coal : fossil fuel consisting of carbonized vegetable matter deposited in the Carboniferous period.

Useful Words

Burn, Burn Down, Fire : جلانا : destroy by fire. "It will get burnt".

Fire, Flame, Flaming : شعلہ : the process of combustion of inflammable materials producing heat and light and (often) smoke. "Fire was one of our ancestors` first discoveries".

Readily : جلدی سے : without much difficulty. "These snakes can be identified readily".

Rich : مالدار : possessing material wealth. "I too would have been rich".

Smoky : دہوئیں سے بھرا : marked by or emitting or filled with smoke. "Smoky rafters".

Pitchy, Resinous, Resiny, Tarry : تارکول لگا ہوا : having the characteristics of pitch or tar.

Yellow : زرد ہونا : turn yellow. "The pages of the book began to yellow".

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