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Spackle meaning in Urdu

Spackle Synonym

Spackle Definitions

1) Spackle, Spackling Compound : اس مواد سے درزیں بھرنا : (noun) powder (containing gypsum plaster and glue) that when mixed with water forms a plastic paste used to fill cracks and holes in plaster.


Useful Words

Aggregate : بجری پتھر وغیرہ , Daubing : پلستر لگانا , Daub : پلستر کرنا , Plaster : پلستر کاری , Parget : پلاسٹر کے کام سے آراستہ کرنا , Fresco : پلستر کی ہوئی دیوار پر نقش بنانا , Lath : لکڑی کی پٹی , Float : پلاسٹر برابر کرنےکا آلہ , Mustard : رائی کا سفوف , Trowel : کھرپی , Stucco : پینٹ , Cerate : مرہم , Marine Glue : پانی میں حل نہ ہونے والا مرکب , Dry Wall : دیواری گتہ , Pigment : رنگنے والا مواد , Chili Powder : پیسی مرچ , Plaster : پلستر , Adaptive Radiation : مختلف شکلیں , Deluge : ڈوب جانا , Cut : پانی ملا , Bath : بالٹی , Achromatic Lens : عدسوں کا ملاپ , Water Bed : آبی بستر , Hexachlorophene : ہیکساکلوروفین کیمیاء , Pipage : پائپ , Atomic Number 19 : پوٹاشیم , Hot Toddy : شربت , Golf : ایک قسم کا کھیل جو سفید چھوٹی گیند اور چھڑی کے ساتھ میدان میں کھیلا جاتا ہے , Rickey : سکنجبین شراب , Bottle : بوتل , Cement : سیمنٹ

Useful Words Definitions

Aggregate: material such as sand or gravel used with cement and water to make concrete, mortar, or plaster.

Daubing: the application of plaster.

Daub: coat with plaster.

Plaster: a surface of hardened plaster (as on a wall or ceiling).

Parget: plaster used to coat outer walls and line chimneys.

Fresco: a durable method of painting on a wall by using watercolors on wet plaster.

Lath: a narrow thin strip of wood used as backing for plaster or to make latticework.

Float: a hand tool with a flat face used for smoothing and finishing the surface of plaster or cement or stucco.

Mustard: pungent powder or paste prepared from ground mustard seeds.

Trowel: a small hand tool with a handle and flat metal blade; used for scooping or spreading plaster or similar materials.

Stucco: a plaster now made mostly from Portland cement and sand and lime; applied while soft to cover exterior walls or surfaces.

Cerate: a hard medicated paste made of lard or oil mixed with wax or resin.

Marine Glue: glue that is not water soluble.

Dry Wall: a wide flat board used to cover walls or partitions; made from plaster or wood pulp or other materials and used primarily to form the interior walls of houses.

Pigment: dry coloring material (especially a powder to be mixed with a liquid to produce paint, etc.).

Chili Powder: powder made of ground chili peppers mixed with e.g. cumin and garlic and oregano.

Plaster: a mixture of lime or gypsum with sand and water; hardens into a smooth solid; used to cover walls and ceilings.

Adaptive Radiation: the development of many different forms from an originally homogeneous group of organisms as they fill different ecological niches.

Deluge: fill or cover completely, usually with water.

Cut: mixed with water.

Bath: a relatively large open container that you fill with water and use to wash the body.

Achromatic Lens: a compound lens system that forms an image free from chromatic aberration.

Water Bed: a bed with a mattress made of strong plastic that is filled with water.

Hexachlorophene: antibacterial substance that is a water-soluble powder used in antiseptic soaps and toothpaste.

Pipage: a long tube made of metal or plastic that is used to carry water or oil or gas etc..

Atomic Number 19: a light soft silver-white metallic element of the alkali metal group; oxidizes rapidly in air and reacts violently with water; is abundant in nature in combined forms occurring in sea water and in carnallite and kainite and sylvite.

Hot Toddy: a mixed drink made of liquor and water with sugar and spices and served hot.

Golf: a game played on a large open course with 9 or 18 holes; the object is use as few strokes as possible in playing all the holes.

Rickey: a mixed drink made of sweetened lime juice and soda water usually with liquor.

Bottle: a plastic vessel used for storing water or other liquids; typically cylindrical without handles and with a narrow neck that can be plugged or capped.

Cement: a building material that is a powder made of a mixture of calcined limestone and clay; used with water and sand or gravel to make concrete and mortar.

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