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Span meaning in Urdu

Span Sentences

The job was finished in the span of an hour.
The parking lot spans 3 acres.

Span Synonyms


Span Definitions

1 of 7) Span : مدت, عرصہ : (noun) the complete duration of something.

2 of 7) Span, Cross, Sweep, Traverse : محیط ہونا, پھیلاہونا : (verb) to cover or extend over an area or time period.

The novel spans three centuries.

3 of 7) Span : فاصلہ : (noun) the distance or interval between two points.

5 of 7) Span : بالش : (noun) a unit of length based on the width of the expanded human hand (usually taken as 9 inches).

6 of 7) Span, Bridge : پل : (noun) a structure that allows people or vehicles to cross an obstacle such as a river or canal or railway etc.

7 of 7) Span, Straddle : ٹانگیں پھیلا کر بیٹھنے کا عمل : (noun) the act of sitting or standing astride.

Useful Words

Millenary : ایک ہزار سال کا عرصہ , Long-Range : طویل فاصلی , Millennial : ہزار سالہ , Autism : خود فکری , Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease : اعصابی بیماری , Whole : پورا , Long : لمبا , Swept : پیچھے کے جانب جھکا ہوا , Fitness : بحری سفر کے لیے موزونیت , Do : فاصلہ طے کرنا , Trail : لتھیڑنا , Abbreviated : مختصر , Length Of Service : طویل عرصہ , At The Same Time : بیک وقت , Chronic : دیرینہ , Coextension : ہم وسعت , Give : مہلت دینا , Continuation : کھنچاو , For : کا , Drawn-Out : لمبا , Coextensive : ہم وسعت , Permanence : مستقل ہونے کی حالت , Keep Up : بڑھانا , Livelong : دیرپا , Short : چھوٹا , New : نئی , Spatiotemporal : زمانی و مکانی , Acute Schizophrenic Episode : دیوانگی کا دورہ , Shorten : مختصر کرنا , Broom : جھاڑو دینا , Cruciate : صلیب نما

Useful Words Definitions

Millenary: a span of 1000 years.

Long-Range: involving an extended span of time.

Millennial: relating to a millennium or span of a thousand years.

Autism: (psychiatry) an abnormal absorption with the self; marked by communication disorders and short attention span and inability to treat others as people.

Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease: a form of neuropathy that can begin between childhood and young adulthood; characterized by weakness and atrophy of the muscles of the hands and lower legs; progression is slow and individuals affected can have a normal life span; inheritance is X-linked recessive or X-linked dominant.

Whole: including all components without exception; being one unit or constituting the full amount or extent or duration; complete.

Long: primarily temporal sense; being or indicating a relatively great or greater than average duration or passage of time or a duration as specified.

Swept: possessing sweep.

Fitness: fitness to traverse the seas.

Do: travel or traverse (a distance).

Trail: drag loosely along a surface; allow to sweep the ground.

Abbreviated: cut short in duration.

Length Of Service: duration of service.

At The Same Time: overlapping in duration.

Chronic: of long duration.

Coextension: equality of extension or duration.

Give: estimate the duration or outcome of something.

Continuation: the consequence of being lengthened in duration.

For: Used to indicate amount, extent, or duration.

Drawn-Out: relatively long in duration; tediously protracted.

Coextensive: being of equal extent or scope or duration.

Permanence: the property of being able to exist for an indefinite duration.

Keep Up: lengthen or extend in duration or space.

Livelong: (of time) constituting the full extent or duration.

Short: primarily temporal sense; indicating or being or seeming to be limited in duration.

New: not of long duration; having just (or relatively recently) come into being or been made or acquired or discovered.

Spatiotemporal: of or relating to space and time together (having both spatial extension and temporal duration).

Acute Schizophrenic Episode: schizophrenia of abrupt onset and relatively short duration (a few weeks or months).

Shorten: make shorter than originally intended; reduce or retrench in length or duration.

Broom: sweep with a broom or as if with a broom.

Cruciate: shaped like a cross.

Related Words

Motility : حرکت , Drawbridge : وہ پل جو جہازیا مسافر گزرتے وقت اٹھایااور بند کیا جا سکے , Pier : ستون , Bateau Bridge : ایک عارضی پل , Linear Measure : لمبائی کا پیمانہ , 2 : دو , Continuance : تسلسل

Span in Book Titles

The Spirit of Span Housing.
Life-Span Human Development.
Reading Across the Life Span.
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