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Spite meaning in Urdu

Spite Synonyms


Spite Definitions

1 of 3) Spite, Malice, Maliciousness, Spitefulness, Venom : کینہ : (noun) feeling a need to see others suffer.

3 of 3) Spite, Bitchiness, Cattiness, Nastiness, Spitefulness : کینہ پروری : (noun) malevolence by virtue of being malicious or spiteful or nasty.

Useful Words

Come Hell Or High Water : کچھ بھی ہو , Even : باوجود , Despite : باوجود , After All : پھر بھی , Disregarding : باوجود , Spitefully : کینہ پروری سے , Guess : قیاس کرنا , Self Acceptance : اپنی خوبیوں اور خامیوں کو تسلیم کرنے کی صلاحیت , Despiteful : کینہ پرور , Gutsiness : دلیری , Venomed : حسد سے بھرپور , Malicious : دل کا برا , Bitchy : کینہ پرور , Maliciously : بدنیتی سے , Manslaughter : غیر ارادی قتل , Pleasantness : مرغوبیت , Oppress : ستانا , Have : ہونا , Miscarry : اسقاط حمل ہونا , Hungry : بھوکا , Agonise : عذاب , Swelter : گرمی برداشت کرنا , Anguish : شدید درد , Subject : ذد میں لانا , Nauseated : متلی , Ballottement : تشخیص حمل کا ایک طریقہ , Hell : دوزخ , Gaiety : مسرت , Detached : الگ تھلگ , Hardhearted : احساس سے خالی , Boding : اندیشہ

Useful Words Definitions

Come Hell Or High Water: in spite of all obstacles.

Even: in spite of; notwithstanding.

Despite: In spite of; notwithstanding.

After All: in spite of expectations.

Disregarding: in spite of everything; without regard to drawbacks.

Spitefully: with spite; in a spiteful manner.

Guess: put forward, of a guess, in spite of possible refutation.

Self Acceptance: affirmation or acceptance of self in spite of weaknesses or deficiencies.

Despiteful: showing malicious ill will and a desire to hurt; motivated by spite.

Gutsiness: the trait of showing courage and determination in spite of possible loss or injury.

Venomed: full of malice or hate.

Malicious: having the nature of or resulting from malice.

Bitchy: marked by or arising from malice.

Maliciously: with malice; in a malicious manner.

Manslaughter: homicide without malice aforethought.

Pleasantness: the feeling caused by agreeable stimuli; one pole of a continuum of states of feeling.

Oppress: cause to suffer.

Have: suffer from; be ill with.

Miscarry: suffer a miscarriage.

Hungry: feeling hunger; feeling a need or desire to eat food.

Agonise: suffer agony or anguish.

Swelter: suffer from intense heat.

Anguish: suffer great pains or distress.

Subject: cause to experience or suffer or make liable or vulnerable to.

Nauseated: feeling nausea; feeling about to vomit.

Ballottement: a palpatory technique for feeling a floating object in the body (especially for determining the position of a fetus by feeling the rebound of the fetus after a quick digital tap on the wall of the uterus).

Hell: (Christianity) the abode of Satan and the forces of evil; where sinners suffer eternal punishment.

Gaiety: a gay feeling.

Detached: being or feeling set or kept apart from others.

Hardhearted: devoid of feeling for others.

Boding: a feeling of evil to come.

Related Words

Malevolence : نقصان دہ , Malevolence : کسی کا برا چاہنا , Affront : بے عزتی کرنا , Arouse : ظاہر کرنا , Lacerate : دل آزاری کرنا , Sting : ٹھیس پہنچانا , Abase : بے عزت کرنا

Close Words

Despitefully : کینہ پروری سے

Close Words Definitions

Despitefully: in a maliciously spiteful manner.

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