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1. Spot, Place, Topographic Point : جگہ - ٹھکانا : (Noun) A point located with respect to surface features of some region.

This is a nice place for a picnic.
A bright spot on a planet.

Grave, Tomb - a place for the burial of a corpse (especially beneath the ground and marked by a tombstone).

2. Spot, Descry, Espy, Spy : دیکھ لینا - مشاہدہ کرنا : (Verb) Catch sight of.

3. Spot, Discern, Distinguish, Make Out, Pick Out, Recognise, Recognize, Tell Apart : پہچاننا : (Verb) Detect with the senses.

I couldn`t recognize you.
Do you recognize him ?+ More

Comprehend, Perceive - to become aware of through the senses.

4. Spot, Blemish : داغ دار ہونا : (Verb) Mar or impair with a flaw.

Blemished face.
Her face was blemished.

Begrime, Bemire, Colly, Dirty, Grime, Soil - make soiled, filthy, or dirty.

5. Spot, Blot, Daub, Slur, Smear, Smirch, Smudge : دھبہ - داغ : (Noun) A blemish made by dirt.

He had a smudge on his cheek.

Blemish, Defect, Mar - a mark or flaw that spoils the appearance of something (especially on a person's body).

6. Spot, Blob, Blot, Fleck : داغدار کرنا - دھبہ ڈالنا : (Verb) Make a spot or mark onto.

The wine spotted the tablecloth.

Defile, Maculate, Stain, Sully, Tarnish - make dirty or spotty, as by exposure to air; also used metaphorically.

7. Spot, Dapple, Fleck, Maculation, Patch, Speckle : داغ - دھبا : (Noun) A small contrasting part of something.

A bald spot.
A leopard's spots.+ More

Pinpoint, Speck - a very small spot.

8. Spot, Berth, Billet, Office, Place, Position, Post, Situation : اسامی : (Noun) A job in an organization.

He occupied a post in the treasury.

Business, Job, Line, Line Of Work, Occupation - the principal activity in your life that you do to earn money.

9. Spot, Bit : کسی چیز کا حصہ - چھوٹا سا حصہ : (Noun) A small piece or quantity of something.

A spot of tea.
A bit of paper.+ More

10. Spot, Spotlight : روشنی کا دائرہ - دائرہ نور : (Noun) A lamp that produces a strong beam of light to illuminate a restricted area; used to focus attention of a stage performer.

Lamp - an artificial source of visible illumination.

Apprehension, Arrest, Catch, Collar, Pinch, Taking Into Custody - گرفتاری - the act of apprehending (especially apprehending a criminal); "Altaf Hussain arrested".

Feature, Lineament - چہرے کا کوئی حصہ - the characteristic parts of a person`s face: eyes and nose and mouth and chin; "an expression of pleasure crossed his features".

Located, Placed, Set, Situated - واقع - situated in a particular spot or position; "valuable centrally located urban land".

Point - نوک - sharp end; "he stuck the point of the knife into a tree".

Part, Region - خطہ - the extended spatial location of something; "the farming regions of France".

Obedience, Respect - والدین کی فرمانبرداری کرنا - behavior intended to please your parents; "their children were never very strong on obedience".

Sight, Survey, View - مشاہدہ - the act of looking or seeing or observing; "he tried to get a better view of it".

Some - تھوڑا - relatively many but unspecified in number; "they were here for some weeks".

Surface - سطح - the outer boundary of an artifact or a material layer constituting or resembling such a boundary; "there is a special cleaner for these surfaces".

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