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Statecraft   Meaning in Urdu

1. Statecraft - Diplomacy - Statesmanship : سیاسی دانشمندی : (noun) wisdom in the management of public affairs.

Wisdom, Wiseness - the trait of utilizing knowledge and experience with common sense and insight.

Useful Words

Affair - Affaire - Amour - Intimacy - Involvement - Liaison : معاشقہ : a usually secretive or illicit relationship. "I`m having an affair"

Direction - Management : نگرانی : the act of managing something. "He was given overall management of the program"

Public : عوامی : not private; open to or concerning the people as a whole. "The public good"

Wisdom : دانائی : accumulated knowledge or erudition or enlightenment. "Wisdom is more powerful than strength"

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