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Stoma meaning in Urdu

Stoma Definitions

1) Stoma : کوئی سوراخ, منہ : (noun) a mouth or mouthlike opening (especially one created by surgery on the surface of the body to create an opening to an internal organ).


Useful Words

Os : منہ , Astomatous : جس کا منہ نہ ہو , Gastroenterostomy : معدہ اور چھوٹی آنت کے درمیان آپریشن کے ذریعے سوراخ بنانا , Chasm : کھائی , Pore : مسام , Operculum : ڈھکنا , Sonologist : الٹراساونڈ کرنے کا ماہر , Hole : سوراخ , Aperture : شگاف , Breach : شگاف ڈالنا , Imperforate : سوراخ نہ ہونا , Home Page : مرکزی صفحہ , Hole : چھید , Reeve : سوراخ میں سے گزارنا , Cleft : شگاف , Cervix : رحم کا گردن نما حصہ , Open : شروع کرنا , Breach : شگاف , Interstice : چیزوں کے درمیان تنگ جگہ , Slit : چاک , Cave : کہوکھلا کرنا , Mouth : منہ , Leak : رسنا , Rent : پھاڑنا , Pylorus : فم معدہ , Spout : ٹونٹی , Drawing String : وہ ڈوری جو تھیلے کو کھینچ کر بند کرتی ہے , Exit : نکاس , Opening The Fast : افطار کرنا , Placket : زیر جامعہ , Chink : دراڑ

Useful Words Definitions

Os: a mouth or mouthlike opening.

Astomatous: having no mouth or mouthlike opening.

Gastroenterostomy: surgical creation of an opening between the stomach wall and the small intestines; performed when the normal opening has been eliminated.

Chasm: a deep opening in the earth's surface.

Pore: any small opening in the skin or outer surface of an animal.

Operculum: a hard flap serving as a cover for (a) the gill slits in fishes or (b) the opening of the shell in certain gastropods when the body is retracted.

Sonologist: A sonologist is a medical professional who specializes in the field of sonography or medical ultrasound. Sonography is a diagnostic imaging technique that uses sound waves to create images of internal organs, tissues, and structures within the body..

Hole: an opening into or through something.

Aperture: a natural opening in something.

Breach: make an opening or gap in.

Imperforate: not perforated; having no opening.

Home Page: the opening page of a web site.

Hole: an opening deliberately made in or through something.

Reeve: pass through a hole or opening.

Cleft: a long narrow opening.

Cervix: necklike opening to the uterus.

Open: make the opening move.

Breach: an opening (especially a gap in a dike or fortification).

Interstice: small opening between things.

Slit: a long narrow opening.

Cave: hollow out as if making a cave or opening.

Mouth: the opening through which food is taken in and vocalizations emerge.

Leak: have an opening that allows light or substances to enter or go out.

Rent: an opening made forcibly as by pulling apart.

Pylorus: a little circular opening between the stomach and the duodenum.

Spout: an opening that allows the passage of liquids or grain.

Drawing String: a tie consisting of a cord that goes through a seam around an opening.

Exit: an opening that permits escape or release.

Opening The Fast: opening the fast at the time of sunset.

Placket: a piece of cloth sewn under an opening.

Chink: a narrow opening as e.g. between planks in a wall.

Related Words

Tracheostomy : ٹریکیا کی امامی دیوار میں سوراخ , Opening : سوراخ

Close Words

Stomach : پیٹ , Stomach Ache : پیٹ کا درد , Stomach Sweetbread : کھایا جانے والا جانوروں کا لبلبہ , Stomach Upset : بدہضمی , Stomachal : معدے سے متعلق , Stomacher : سینے اور معدہ کو ڈھکنے والا جڑاٴو پیش پوش , Order Stomatopoda : جھینگے نما کیڑا

Close Words Definitions

Stomach: the region of the body of a vertebrate between the thorax and the pelvis.

Stomach Ache: an ache localized in the stomach or abdominal region.

Stomach Sweetbread: edible pancreas of an animal.

Stomach Upset: a disorder of digestive function characterized by discomfort or heartburn or nausea.

Stomachal: relating to or involving the stomach.

Stomacher: garment consisting of a V-shaped panel of stiff material worn over the chest and stomach in the 16th century.

Order Stomatopoda: mantis shrimps.