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Stubbornly meaning in Urdu

Stubbornly Sentence

She remained stubbornly in the same position.

Stubbornly Synonyms


Stubbornly Definitions

1) Stubbornly, Cussedly, Mulishly, Obdurately, Obstinately, Pig-Headedly : ڈھٹائی سے : (adverb) in a stubborn unregenerate manner.

Useful Words

Dogged : پکا , Obstinate : خود رائے , Cussed : بدکار , Obstreperous : بے لگام , Bloody-Minded : ڈھیٹ , Fractious : ضدی , Hidebound : روایت پسند , Contumacious : ضدی , Stickle : چھوٹی سی بات پر ضد کرنا , Doctrinaire : کٹر , Contrariness : مخالفت , Curmudgeon : ناہنجار , Domestic Ass : گدھا , Firmly : حفاظت سے , Appropriately : مناسب طریقے سے , Alike : ایک ہی طرح سے , Volitionally : مرضی سے , Decent : مناسب طور پر , Earnestly : توجہ سے , Cause : قائل کرنا , Fain : مرضی سے , Differently : مختلف انداز سے , Gaily : خوش دلی سے , Weightily : سنجیدہ طور پر , However : چاہے جیسے بھی , Coyly : شرما تے ہوۓ , Wryly : ٹیڑھے پن سے , Becomingly : مناسب طور سے , Aboveboard : دیانتداری سے , Argumentatively : قابل بحث طور پر , Densely : بےوقوفی سے

Useful Words Definitions

Dogged: stubbornly unyielding.

Obstinate: persist stubbornly.

Cussed: stubbornly persistent in wrongdoing.

Obstreperous: noisily and stubbornly defiant.

Bloody-Minded: stubbornly obstructive and unwilling to cooperate.

Fractious: stubbornly resistant to authority or control.

Hidebound: stubbornly conservative and narrow-minded.

Contumacious: wilfully obstinate; stubbornly disobedient.

Stickle: dispute or argue stubbornly (especially minor points).

Doctrinaire: a stubborn person of arbitrary or arrogant opinions.

Contrariness: deliberate and stubborn unruliness and resistance to guidance or discipline.

Curmudgeon: a crusty irascible cantankerous old person full of stubborn ideas.

Domestic Ass: domestic beast of burden descended from the African wild ass; patient but stubborn.

Firmly: in a secure manner; in a manner free from danger.

Appropriately: in an appropriate manner.

Alike: in a like manner.

Volitionally: in a willing manner.

Decent: in the right manner.

Earnestly: in a serious manner.

Cause: cause to do; cause to act in a specified manner.

Fain: in a willing manner.

Differently: in another and different manner.

Gaily: in a gay manner.

Weightily: in a serious manner.

However: in whatever way or manner.

Coyly: in a coy manner.

Wryly: in a wry manner.

Becomingly: in a becoming manner.

Aboveboard: in an honest manner.

Argumentatively: in a disputatious manner.

Densely: in a stupid manner.

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