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Subvent meaning in Urdu

Subvent Sentence

The opera tour was subvented by a bank.

Subvent Synonyms

Subvent Definitions

1) Subvent, Subvention, Underwrite : مالی مدد کی ضمانت دینا : (verb) guarantee financial support of.


Useful Words

Dependant : دوسرے پر انحصار کرنےوالا , Accounting Data : حساب کا ڈیٹا , Protection : تحفظ , Means Test : امداد کے بارے میں تفتیش کرنا , Acquirer : خریدنے والا , Security : ضمانت , Guarantor : ضامن , Warrantee : جس شخص کو یقین دلایا جاۓ , Stipulate : وعدہ کرنا , Hock : گروی رکھوانا , Guarantee : ضمانت دینا , Afford : خریدنے کے قابل ہونا , Affordable : کم قیمت , Benefit : مالی مدد , Insolvency : دیوالیہ پن , Financial : مالیاتی , Corporate Finance : مالیاتی تجارت , Bread And Butter : روزی روٹی , Financially : مالیاتی حساب سے , Insurance Company : بیمہ کرنے والا , Go Back : نقصان کے بعد دوبارہ بہتری ہونا , Interest : کاروباری مفاد , Embarrassment : پشیمانی , Solvent : تمام واجبی قرضے چکا دینے کے قابل , Deadbeat : وعدہ نہ پورا کرنے والا , Default : عدم ادائیگی , Distressed : مالی مشکلات کا سامنا کرنا , Commitment : کاروباری ذمہ داری , Subvention : مالی امداد , Distress : تنگدستی , Benefactor : محسن

Useful Words Definitions

Dependant: a person who relies on another person for support (especially financial support).

Accounting Data: all the data (ledgers and journals and spreadsheets) that support a financial statement; can be hard copy or machine readable.

Protection: defense against financial failure; financial independence.

Means Test: an inquiry into the financial position of someone applying for financial aid.

Acquirer: a corporation gaining financial control over another corporation or financial institution through a payment in cash or an exchange of stock.

Security: a guarantee that an obligation will be met.

Guarantor: one who provides a warrant or guarantee to another.

Warrantee: a customer to whom a warrant or guarantee is given.

Stipulate: give a guarantee or promise of.

Hock: leave as a guarantee in return for money.

Guarantee: stand behind and guarantee the quality, accuracy, or condition of.

Afford: have the financial means to do something or buy something.

Affordable: that you have the financial means for.

Benefit: financial assistance in time of need.

Insolvency: the lack of financial resources.

Financial: involving financial matters.

Corporate Finance: the financial activities of corporation.

Bread And Butter: the financial means whereby one lives.

Financially: from a financial point of view.

Insurance Company: a financial institution that sells insurance.

Go Back: regain a former condition after a financial loss.

Interest: (law) a right or legal share of something; a financial involvement with something.

Embarrassment: the state of being embarrassed (usually by some financial inadequacy).

Solvent: capable of meeting financial obligations.

Deadbeat: someone who fails to meet a financial obligation.

Default: act of failing to meet a financial obligation.

Distressed: facing or experiencing financial trouble or difficulty.

Commitment: an engagement by contract involving financial obligation.

Subvention: grant of financial aid as from a government to an educational institution.

Distress: bring into difficulties or distress, especially financial hardship.

Benefactor: a person who helps people or institutions (especially with financial help).

Related Words

Guarantee : ضمانت دینا

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