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سودے بازی : Suday Bazi Meaning in English

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1 of 4) سودے بازی : Horse Trading : (noun) negotiation accompanied by mutual concessions and shrewd bargaining.

2 of 4) سودے بازی : Logrolling : (noun) act of exchanging favors for mutual gain; especially trading of influence or votes among legislators to gain passage of certain projects.

3 of 4) لین دین سودے بازی : Business Deal Deal Trade : (noun) a particular instance of buying or selling.

4 of 4) سودے بازی : Negotiation : (noun) the activity or business of negotiating an agreement; coming to terms.

Useful Words

گھوڑوں کی لین دین : Horse Trade , سودے بازی کرنا : Horse-Trade , ساتھ : Accompanied , چالاک : Calculating , مذاکرات : Dialogue , ذی شعور : Astute , موسیقی کے آلات کے ساتھ گانا : Accompanied , اجتماعی سودا بازی : Collective Bargaining , تجارت : Trading , باہمی : Mutual , کریانہ دکان : Country Store , حکومت کی غیر ملکی تجارت کی پالیسی : National Trading Policy , استعمال شدہ چیز کا تبادلہ : Trade , توازن تجارت : Balance Of Trade , اشیاء کا تبادلہ کرنا : Swap , استعمال شدہ چیز جو نئی چیز خریدتے ہوۓ رقم کی جزوی ادائی کے طور پر دی جاۓ : Trade-In , مبادلہ : Barter , تجارتی نام : Brand , تجارت : Trade , عام فروخت کے لیے کتاب : Trade Book , تجارتی راز : Trade Secret , آزادانہ تجارت : Free Trade , منہانی : Trade Discount , بحری راستہ : Sea Lane , تجارتی اتار چڑھاو : Business Cycle , مزدوروں کی انجمن قائم کرنے کا حامی : Trade Unionist , یونین بازی : Trade Unionism , مزدوروں کا اتحاد : Brotherhood , تجارتی اشیاء : Commodity , حکومت کی طرف سے تجارت پر عارضی پابندی : Embargo , کتا مکھی : Cleg

Useful Words Definitions

Horse Trade: the swapping of horses (accompanied by much bargaining).

Horse-Trade: negotiate with much give and take.

Accompanied: having companions or an escort.

Calculating: used of persons.

Dialogue: a discussion intended to produce an agreement.

Astute: marked by practical hardheaded intelligence.

Accompanied: playing or singing with instrumental or vocal accompaniment.

Collective Bargaining: negotiation between an employer and trade union.

Trading: buying or selling securities or commodities.

Mutual: concerning each of two or more persons or things; especially given or done in return.

Country Store: a retail store serving a sparsely populated region; usually stocked with a wide variety of merchandise.

National Trading Policy: a government`s policy controlling foreign trade.

Trade: turn in as payment or part payment for a purchase.

Balance Of Trade: the difference in value over a period of time of a country's imports and exports of merchandise.

Swap: exchange or give (something) in exchange for.

Trade-In: an item of property that is given in part payment for a new one.

Barter: an equal exchange.

Brand: a name given to a product or service.

Trade: the commercial exchange (buying and selling on domestic or international markets) of goods and services.

Trade Book: a book intended for general readership.

Trade Secret: a secret (method or device or formula) that gives a manufacturer an advantage over the competition.

Free Trade: international trade free of government interference.

Trade Discount: a discount from the list price of a commodity allowed by a manufacturer or wholesaler to a merchant.

Sea Lane: a lane at sea that is a regularly used route for vessels.

Business Cycle: recurring fluctuations in economic activity consisting of recession and recovery and growth and decline.

Trade Unionist: a worker who belongs to a trade union.

Trade Unionism: the system or principles and theory of labor unions.

Brotherhood: an organization of employees formed to bargain with the employer.

Commodity: articles of commerce.

Embargo: a government order imposing a trade barrier.

Cleg: large swift fly the female of which sucks blood of various animals.

Related Words

سرگرمی : Activity , معاملہ : Dealing , ادل بدل کرنا : Exchange

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