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Suggest meaning in Urdu

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1 of 3) Suggest, Advise, Propose : تجویز دینا : (verb) make a proposal, declare a plan for something.

Related : Urge : push for something. Throw Out : bring forward for consideration or acceptance. Feed Back : respond to a query or outcome.

2 of 3) Suggest, Hint : اشارہ دینا : (verb) drop a hint; intimate by a hint.

Related : Intimate : give to understand. Convey : make known; pass on, of information. Touch : make a more or less disguised reference to.

3 of 3) Suggest, Evoke, Paint A Picture : یاد تازہ کرنا : (verb) call to mind.

Related : Show : give expression to. Inculpate : suggest that someone is guilty.

Useful Words

Approach : پاس جانا : make advances to someone, usually with a proposal or suggestion. "I was approached by the President to serve as his adviser in foreign matters".

Formalise, Formalize, Validate : جائز ٹھہرانا : declare or make legally valid. "Validate the statement".

Depone, Depose, Swear : حلفیہ بیان دینا : make a deposition; declare under oath.

Cancel, Strike Down : کالعدم کرنا : declare null and void; make ineffective. "Cancel the election results".

Counterproposal : جوابی تجویز : a proposal offered as an alternative to an earlier proposal.

Anticipate, Call, Forebode, Foretell, Predict, Prognosticate, Promise : پیش گوئی کرنا : make a prediction about; tell in advance. "The doctor predicted that the girl would recover, but she died".

Contrive, Design, Plan, Project : سازش کرنا : make or work out a plan for; devise. "They contrived to murder their boss".

Proclaim : اعلان کرنا : declare formally; declare someone to be something; of titles. "He was proclaimed King".

Suffragette : عورت کے حق رائے دہی کی حمایتی عورت : a woman advocate of women's right to vote (especially a militant advocate in the United Kingdom at the beginning of the 20th century).

Fix, Gear Up, Prepare, Ready, Set, Set Up : تیار کرنا : make ready or suitable or equip in advance for a particular purpose or for some use, event, etc. "The time has come to prepare to fight the enemies of Allah".

Accomplice, Confederate : ساتھی : a person who joins with another in carrying out some plan (especially an unethical or illegal plan).

Tip, Tip Off : افشا کرنا : give insider information or advise to. "He tipped off the police about the terrorist plot".

Aim, Propose, Purport, Purpose : ارادہ کرنا : propose or intend. "I aim to arrive at noon".

Bid, Offer, Tender : بولی دینا : propose a payment. "The Swiss dealer offered $2 million for the painting".

Advisory Board, Planning Board : مشاورتی کمیٹی : a board appointed to advise the chief administrator.

Cardinal : کیتھولک عیسائیوں کا اعلی پادری : (Roman Catholic Church) one of a group of more than 100 prominent bishops in the Sacred College who advise the Pope and elect new Popes.

Come, Occur : خیال آنا : come to one`s mind; suggest itself. "It occurred to me that we should hire another secretary".

Imply, Incriminate, Inculpate : جرم عائد کرنا : suggest that someone is guilty.

Indicant, Indication : ظاہر کرنے والا : something that serves to indicate or suggest. "An indication of foul play".

Advice : مشورہ : a proposal for an appropriate course of action. "You are on the verge of death and my advice is for you is to inform law enforcement immediately".

Offer, Offering : بیچنے کے لیے پیش کرنا : something offered (as a proposal or bid). "Noteworthy new offerings for investors included several index funds".

Imply : دلالی کرنا : suggest as a logically necessary consequence; in logic.

Memo, Memoranda, Memorandum : لکھی ہوئی یادداشت : a written proposal or reminder.

Acquiescence, Assent : رضا مندی : agreement with a statement or proposal to do something. "He gave his assent eagerly".

Anti : خلاف : not in favor of (an action or proposal etc.).

Pro : کسی تجویز پر دلائل : an argument in favor of a proposal.

Bid, Tender : بولی دینا : a formal proposal to buy at a specified price.

Proposer, Suggester : تجویز کرنے والا : someone who advances a suggestion or proposal. "The suggester of this absurd strategy was a fool".

Adjudge, Declare, Hold : قرار دینا : declare to be. "She was declared incompetent".

Proffer, Proposition, Suggestion : دینا : a proposal offered for acceptance or rejection. "It was a suggestion we couldn`t refuse".

Gigantic, Mammoth : دیو ہیکل جسامت کا : so exceedingly large or extensive as to suggest a giant or mammoth. "A gigantic redwood".