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Sujan : سوجن

1. Tumefaction : سوجن - ورم : (noun) the process of tumefying; the organic process whereby tissue becomes swollen by the accumulation of fluid within it.

2. Lump, Puffiness, Swelling : سوجن - پھلاوٴ : (noun) an abnormal protuberance or localized enlargement.

3. Intumescence, Intumescency : سوجن - ورم : (noun) swelling up with blood or other fluids (as with congestion).

5. Swell : ابھار - سوجن : (noun) a rounded elevation (especially one on an ocean floor).

6. Strain : سوجن : (noun) injury to a muscle (often caused by overuse); results in swelling and pain.

Hasil Honay Ka ... : Accumulation : the act of accumulating.

Tariqa Kar : Process : a particular course of action intended to achieve a result. "The procedure of obtaining a driver`s license"

Badi Ki Gai Tas... : Enlargement : a photographic print that has been enlarged.

Nasij, Khuliun Ka Majmua : Tissue : part of an organism consisting of an aggregate of cells having a similar structure and function.

Dher, Majmua, Anbar, Zakerah : Accumulation : several things grouped together or considered as a whole.

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