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سپرد ہونا : Supurd Hona Meaning in English

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1) سپرد ہونا وراثتاً پہنچانا ورثے میں ملنا : Devolve Fall Pass Return : (verb) be inherited by.

Related : Fall : come into the possession of.


Useful Words

حوالے کرنا : Devolve : pass on or delegate to another. "The representative devolved his duties to his aides while he was in the hospital".

منحصر ہونا : Depend On, Depend Upon, Devolve On, Hinge On, Hinge Upon, Ride, Turn On : be contingent on. "The outcomes rides on the results of the election".

ٹھوکر کھانا : Stumble, Trip : miss a step and fall or nearly fall. "She stumbled over the tree root".

موروثی : Heritable, Inheritable : capable of being inherited. "Inheritable traits such as eye color".

آبائی : Paternal : belonging to or inherited from one`s father. "This is our paternal village".

مورثی : Ancestral : of or belonging to or inherited from an ancestor.

گناہ اولین : Original Sin : a sin said to be inherited by all descendants of Adam. "Adam and Eve committed the original sin when they ate the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden".

پیدائشی : Born, Innate, Natural : being talented through inherited qualities. "An innate businessman".

جائیداد : Ancestry, Derivation, Filiation, Lineage : inherited properties shared with others of your bloodline.

روایت : Tradition : an inherited pattern of thought or action.

میراث : Hereditament : any property (real or personal or mixed) that can be inherited. "His hereditament is huge".

ورثہ : Heritage, Inheritance : any attribute or immaterial possession that is inherited from ancestors. "My only inheritance was my mother`s blessing".

ایک خاندانی بیماری : Monogenic Disease, Monogenic Disorder : an inherited disease controlled by a single pair of genes.

خون میں ہمیو گلوبین کی کمی کا خاندانی مرض : Mediterranean Anaemia, Mediterranean Anemia, Thalassaemia, Thalassemia : an inherited form of anemia caused by faulty synthesis of hemoglobin. "Thalassaemia symptoms are weakness, slow growth, fatigue, yellow urine and stress".

وراثت : Heritage, Inheritance : that which is inherited; a title or property or estate that passes by law to the heir on the death of the owner.

عمر کے ساتھ ہڈیاں نہ بڑھنے کی بیماری : Achondroplasia, Achondroplasty, Chondrodystrophy, Osteosclerosis Congenita : an inherited skeletal disorder beginning before birth; cartilage is converted to bone resulting in dwarfism.

ڈھیر ہوجانا : Break Down, Collapse, Crumble, Crumple, Tumble : fall apart. "The building crumbled after the explosion to night".

ایک ساتھ ہونا : Co-Occur, Coincide, Cooccur : go with, fall together.

خون کی موروثی بیماری : Abetalipoproteinemia : a rare inherited disorder of fat metabolism; characterized by severe deficiency of beta-lipoproteins and abnormal red blood cells (acanthocytes) and abnormally low cholesterol levels.

گرانا : Break Down : cause to fall or collapse.

برف گرنا : Snow : fall as snow. "It was snowing all night".

ٹپکانا : Dribble, Drip, Drop : let or cause to fall in drops. "Dribble oil into the mixture".

گرپڑنا : Crash : fall or come down violently. "The branch crashed down on my car".

برسنا : Come Down, Fall, Precipitate : fall from clouds. "Rain, snow and sleet were falling".

گرانا : Drop : let fall to the ground. "In winter season the temperature in Karachi drops to six degrees by dawn".

کم ہونا : Ebb : fall away or decline. "The patient's strength ebbed away".

اوندھا ہوکر گرنا : Keel Over : turn over and fall. "The man had a heart attack and keeled over".

گر پڑنا : Topple, Tumble : fall down, as if collapsing. "The tower of the World Trade Center tumbled after the plane hit it".

خون میں تانبے کی بیماری : Hepatolenticular Degeneration, Wilson's Disease : a rare inherited disorder of copper metabolism; copper accumulates in the liver and then in the red blood cells and brain.

موروثی : Ancestral, Hereditary, Patrimonial, Transmissible : inherited or inheritable by established rules (usually legal rules) of descent. "Ancestral home".

وراثت : Heirloom : (law) any property that is considered by law or custom as inseparable from an inheritance is inherited with that inheritance.

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