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1 of 4) Surcharge : اضافی ٹیکس, سر محصول : (noun) an additional charge (as for items previously omitted or as a penalty for failure to exercise common caution or common skill).

Related : Charge : the price charged for some article or service.


2 of 4) Surcharge : سریار : (verb) charge an extra fee, as for a special service.

3 of 4) Surcharge, Fleece, Gazump, Hook, Overcharge, Pluck, Plume, Rob, Soak : زیادہ دام لینا : (verb) rip off; ask an unreasonable price.

Related : Wring : obtain by coercion or intimidation. Rip Off : deprive somebody of something by deceit.

4 of 4) Surcharge, Overcharge, Overload : وزن ڈالنا یا وزن رکھنا : (verb) place too much a load on.

Related : Load Up : fill or place a load on.

Useful Words

Freight, Freight Rate, Freightage : بار برداری کا کرایہ : the charge for transporting something by common carrier. "We pay the freight".

Special Delivery : خاص نظام کے تحت تر سیل : mail that is delivered by a special carrier (for an additional charge).

Call The Shots, Call The Tune, Wear The Trousers : حاکم ہونا : exercise authority or be in charge. "Who is calling the shots in this house?".

Proton : پروٹون : a stable particle with positive charge equal to the negative charge of an electron.

Heady, Judicious, Wise : دانشمندانہ : marked by the exercise of good judgment or common sense in practical matters. "Judicious use of one`s money".

Make, Name, Nominate : مقرر کرنا : charge with a function; charge to be. "She was named Head of the Committee".

Forfeit, Forfeiture, Sacrifice : صدقہ : the act of losing or surrendering something as a penalty for a mistake or fault or failure to perform etc..

Contribution, Donation : امداد دینا : act of giving in common with others for a common purpose especially to a charity.

Carelessness, Neglect, Negligence, Nonperformance : لا پروائی : failure to act with the prudence that a reasonable person would exercise under the same circumstances. "13-year old girl died at civil hospital Karachi due to the negligence of the hospital staff".

Head, Lead : سربراہ ہونا : be in charge of. "Who is heading this project?".

Toll : محصول : charge a fee for using. "Toll the bridges into New York City".

Commend : سپرد کرنا : give to in charge. "I commend my children to you".

Attend, Look, See, Take Care : سنبھالنا : take charge of or deal with. "Could you see about lunch?".

Care, Deal, Handle, Manage : نپٹانا : be in charge of, act on, or dispose of. "I can deal with this crew of workers".

Keep : سنبھالنا : look after; be the keeper of; have charge of. "He keeps the shop when I am gone".

Postage : ڈاک ٹکٹ : the charge for mailing something. "Postage stamps".

Recriminative, Recriminatory : جوابی الزام لگانے سے متعلق : countering one charge with another. "Recriminatory arguments".

Chief, Head, Top Dog : افسر اعلی : a person who is in charge. "The head of the whole operation".

Mind, Take Care : نگرانی کرنا : be in charge of or deal with. "She takes care of all the necessary arrangements".

Buckshee : مفت کے : free of charge. "If they deposit these shares in the scheme they will get further buckshee shares on a one-for-one basis".

Undercharge : کم قیمت وصول کرنا : charge (someone) too little money.

Keeper : محافظ : someone in charge of other people. "Am I my brother's keeper?".

Commission : ذمہ داری دینا : charge with a task.

Extortion : زیادہ قیمت : an exorbitant charge.

Chevron : امتیازی نشان : an inverted V-shaped charge.

Purgation, Purge, Purging : صفائی پیش کرنے کا عمل : the act of clearing yourself (or another) from some stigma or charge.

Charge, File, Lodge : الزام لگانا : file a formal charge against. "The suspect was charged with murdering his wife".

Captain, Police Captain, Police Chief : پولیس کا امیر : a policeman in charge of a precinct. "He was a police chief".

Supervisor : منتظم : one who supervises or has charge and direction of.

Report : شکایت کرنا : complain about; make a charge against. "I reported her to the supervisor".

Frame-Up, Setup : جھوٹا مقدمہ : an act that incriminates someone on a false charge.