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Surprising meaning in Urdu

Surprising Sentence

What is surprising.

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Surprising in Detail

1) Surprising : حیرت انگیز, حیرت کی بات : (adjective) causing surprise or wonder or amazement.

Leaped up with surprising agility.
She earned a surprising amount of money.

Related : Unexpected : not expected or anticipated. Astonishing : surprising greatly. Startling : so remarkably different or sudden as to cause momentary shock or alarm.

Useful Words

Amazement, Astonishment : حیرت : the feeling that accompanies something extremely surprising. "He looked at me in astonishment".

Causation, Causing : وجہ : the act of causing something to happen.

Surprise : حیرت میں ڈال دینا : cause to be surprised. "The news really surprised me".

Admiration, Wonder, Wonderment : حیرت : the feeling aroused by something strange and surprising. "You have done so much wrong to the people that is why you have been attacked by a stroke and no wonder Allah put you in this condition".

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