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Taj Mahal meaning in Urdu

Taj Mahal Sentence

I have seen Taj Mahal in india.

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Taj Mahal in Detail

1) Taj Mahal : تاج محل : (noun) beautiful mausoleum at Agra built by the Mogul emperor Shah Jahan (completed in 1649) in memory of his favorite wife.

Related : Mausoleum : a large burial chamber, usually above ground.

Useful Words

Agra : آگرہ : a city in northern India; former capital of the Mogul empire; site of the Taj Mahal.

Empress : ملکہ : a woman emperor or the wife of an emperor.

Mikado, Tenno : جاپان کا شہنشاہ : the emperor of Japan; when regarded as a religious leader the emperor is called tenno.

Nabob, Nawab : نواب : a governor in India during the Mogul empire.

Ram, Random Access Memory, Random Memory, Random-Access Memory, Read/write Memory : کمپیوٹر کی عارضی یاد داشت : the most common computer memory which can be used by programs to perform necessary tasks while the computer is on; an integrated circuit memory chip allows information to be stored or accessed in any order and all storage locations are equally accessible.

Abduction : اغواء : the criminal act of capturing and carrying away by force a family member; if a man`s wife is abducted it is a crime against the family relationship and against the wife. "He narrowly escapes abduction".

Blue-Eyed, Fair-Haired, White-Haired : پسندیدہ : favorite. "He is my blue-eyed boy".

Catchword, Motto, Shibboleth, Slogan : مقولہ : a favorite saying of a sect or political group. "Political party slogan".

Upsetter : غیر متوقع شکست دینے والا : an unexpected winner; someone who defeats the favorite competitor.

Incomplete, Uncomplete : نامکمل : not complete or total; not completed. "An incomplete account of his life".

Accomplished, Completed, Realised, Realized : تکمیل شدہ : successfully completed or brought to an end. "His mission accomplished he took a vacation".

Time Limit : مہلت : a time period within which something must be done or completed.

Deadline : آخری حد : the point in time at which something must be completed. "The terrorists started robbing the bank and the police stood up outside the bank and police gave them a deadline that if they don`t come out within 5 minutes, they will all be gunned down".

Abort : قبل از وقت ختم کرنا : the act of terminating a project or procedure before it is completed. "I wasted a year of my life working on an abort".

Future Perfect, Future Perfect Tense : مستقبل کا فعل : a perfective tense used to describe action that will be completed in the future. "`I will have finished' is an example of the future perfect".

Past Perfect, Past Perfect Tense, Pluperfect, Pluperfect Tense : ماضی بعید : a perfective tense used to express action completed in the past. "`I had finished' is an example of the past perfect".

Baccalaureate, Bachelor's Degree : جامعہ کی ابتدائی سند : an academic degree conferred on someone who has successfully completed undergraduate studies. "He got his bachelor`s degree in commerce from university".

Adorn, Beautify, Deck, Decorate, Embellish, Grace : سجا دینا : be beautiful to look at. "Flowers adorned the tables everywhere".

Academic Degree, Degree : سند : an award conferred by a college or university signifying that the recipient has satisfactorily completed a course of study. "He earned his degree at Princeton summa cum laude".

Beautify, Embellish, Fancify, Prettify : سنوارنا : make more beautiful. "Beautify him".

Gracefulness : خوش اسلوبی : beautiful carriage.

Dainty, Exquisite : اچھا : delicately beautiful. "A dainty teacup".

Attractively, Beautifully : دلکش انداز میں : in a beautiful manner. "Her face was beautifully made up".

Zain : حسین و جمیل عربی میں : Beautiful (Arabic). "ZAIN also a mobile service provider in Saudi Arabia".

Ravishing : متاثر کن خوبصورت : stunningly beautiful. "A ravishing blonde".

Beautification : حسین بنانے کا عمل : the act of making something more beautiful.

Gorgeous : لباس : dazzlingly beautiful. "A gorgeous Victorian gown".

Calligraphy, Chirography, Penmanship : خطاطی : beautiful handwriting.

Peri : ایک حسین عورت : a beautiful and graceful girl.

Natural Beauty : قدرتی حسن : a person who is naturally beautiful. "She has natural beauty in whole school".

Gorgeously, Magnificently, Resplendently, Splendidly : شان و شوکت سے : in an impressively beautiful manner. "The Princess was gorgeously dressed".

Taj Mahal in Book Titles

Mumtaz of the Taj Mahal Paper Dolls.
Taj Mahal OR Mummy Mahal?: The First Indian Mummy.

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