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Castigate : سرزش کرنا , Admonish : ڈانٹنا , Do One's Best : اچھے سے اچھا کرنا , Task : کسی کو کام دینا , Commission : ذمہ داری دینا , Proposition : مسئلہ , Clear Up : کوئی کام مکمل طور پر ختم کرنا , Debriefing : تفتیش براۓ حصول معلومات , Coordinator : رابطہ کار , Enable : مجاز کرنا , Relinquishing : دستبرداری , Appoint : تشکیل دینا , Technique : اسلوب , Thoroughness : کامل پن , Instruct : حکم دینا , Errand : مختصر سفر , Adequate : معقول , Exert : جدو جہد کرنا , Inadequate : ناکافی , Staff : عملہ , Housekeeper : گھر سنبھالنے والا , Qualified : قابلیت رکھنے والا , Application : کمپوٹر سوفٹ وئیر , Example : مشق کرنا , Assign : ذمے کرنا , Wrangler : جھگڑالو , Brawl : لڑنا جھگڑنا , Rebuke : ملامت , Condemnatory : سزا پر مبنی , Censorious : عیب جو , Exoneration : تنقید اور مذمت کے خلاف دفاع کرنے کا عمل

Useful Words Definitions

Castigate: censure severely.

Admonish: take to task.

Do One's Best: perform a task as well as possible.

Task: assign a task to.

Commission: charge with a task.

Proposition: a task to be dealt with.

Clear Up: finish a task completely.

Debriefing: report of a mission or task.

Coordinator: someone whose task is to see that work goes harmoniously.

Enable: render capable or able for some task.

Relinquishing: the act of giving up and abandoning a struggle or task etc..

Appoint: create and charge with a task or function.

Technique: a practical method or art applied to some particular task.

Thoroughness: conscientiousness in performing all aspects of a task.

Instruct: give instructions or directions for some task.

Errand: a short trip that is taken in the performance of a necessary task or mission.

Adequate: having the requisite qualities or resources to meet a task.

Exert: make a great effort at a mental or physical task.

Inadequate: lacking the requisite qualities or resources to meet a task.

Staff: personnel who assist their superior in carrying out an assigned task.

Housekeeper: a servant who is employed to perform domestic task in a household.

Qualified: meeting the proper standards and requirements and training for an office or position or task.

Application: a program that gives a computer instructions that provide the user with tools to accomplish a task.

Example: a task performed or problem solved in order to develop skill or understanding.

Assign: give an assignment to (a person) to a post, or assign a task to (a person).

Wrangler: someone who argues noisily or angrily.

Brawl: to quarrel noisily, angrily or disruptively.

Rebuke: an act or expression of criticism and censure.

Condemnatory: containing or imposing condemnation or censure.

Censorious: harshly critical or expressing censure.

Exoneration: the act of vindicating or defending against criticism or censure etc..

Related Words

Brush Down : کھری کھری سنانا , Criticise : نکتہ چینی کرنا

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