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1 of 2) Taking, Pickings : لینے کا عمل, حاصل کرنے کا عمل : (noun) the act of someone who picks up or takes something.

Clothing could be had for the taking.

Related : Action : something done (usually as opposed to something said).


2 of 2) Taking, Fetching, Winning : پر کشش, پرکشش : (satellite adjective) very attractive; capturing interest.

Something inexpressibly taking in his manner.

Related : Attractive : pleasing to the eye or mind especially through beauty or charm.

Useful Words

Farewell, Leave, Leave-Taking, Parting : رخصتی : the act of departing politely. "You have been rude so now I bid you a farewell".

Photography, Picture Taking : عکس بندی کا عمل : the act of taking and printing photographs.

Grasping, Prehension, Seizing, Taking Hold : گرفت : the act of gripping something firmly with the hands (or the tentacles).

Apprehension, Arrest, Catch, Collar, Pinch, Taking Into Custody : گرفتاری : the act of apprehending (especially apprehending a criminal). "Altaf Hussain arrested".

Extraction : استخراج : the action of taking out something (especially using effort or force). "The dentist gave her a local anesthetic prior to the extraction".

Playing : کھیلنے کا عمل : the action of taking part in a game or sport or other recreation. "Who were you playing with?".

Activism : فعالیت : a policy of taking direct and militant action to achieve a political or social goal.

Centrism, Moderatism : اعتدال پسندی : a political philosophy of avoiding the extremes of left and right by taking a moderate position or course of action.

Expropriation : قبضہ : taking out of an owner's hands (especially taking property by public authority).

Ragpicker : کباڑیا : an unskilled person who picks up rags from trash cans and public dumps as a means of livelihood.

Take : جیتنا : obtain by winning. "Winner takes all".

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