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Tana Dena : طعنہ دینا

1. Bait, Cod, Rag, Rally, Razz, Ride, Tantalise, Tantalize, Taunt, Tease, Twit : طنز کرنا - طعنہ دینا : (verb) harass with persistent criticism or carping.

Nuktha Cheeni : Criticism : a serious examination and judgment of something. "Constructive criticism is always appreciated"

Tanqeed Nigari : Criticism : a written evaluation of a work of literature.

Tanqeed : Criticism : disapproval expressed by pointing out faults or shortcomings. "The senator received severe criticism from his opponent"

Bala Jawaaz Tan... : Carping : persistent petty and unjustified criticism.

Lgatar Hamloun ... : Harass : exhaust by attacking repeatedly. "Harass the enemy as quickly as you can"

Hirasaan Karna : Harass : annoy continually or chronically. "This man harasses his female co-workers"

Mostaql : Persistent : never-ceasing. "The relentless beat of the drums"

Zehen Men Bar B... : Persistent : continually recurring to the mind. "Haunting memories"