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Cod   Meaning in Urdu

1. Cod, Befool, Dupe, Fool, Gull, Put On, Put One Across, Put One Over, Slang, Take In : الو بنانا - بیوقوف بنانا : (verb) fool or hoax.

Kid, Pull The Leg Of - tell false information to for fun.

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2. Cod, Bait, Rag, Rally, Razz, Ride, Tantalise, Tantalize, Taunt, Tease, Twit : طنز کرنا - طعنہ دینا : (verb) harass with persistent criticism or carping.

Bemock, Mock - treat with contempt.

3. Cod, Codfish : کاڈ مچھلی - سرد پانی کی کاڈ مچھلی : (noun) major food fish of Arctic and cold-temperate waters.

Gadoid, Gadoid Fish - a soft-finned fish of the family Gadidae.

Carping, Faultfinding : بلا جواز تنقید : persistent petty and unjustified criticism.

Criticism, Critique : نکتہ چینی : a serious examination and judgment of something. "Constructive criticism is always appreciated"

Chump, Fall Guy, Fool, Gull, Mark, Mug, Patsy, Soft Touch, Sucker : احمق : a person who is gullible and easy to take advantage of.

Harass : لگاتار حملوں زیر کرنا : exhaust by attacking repeatedly. "Harass the enemy as quickly as you can"

Dupery, Fraud, Fraudulence, Hoax, Humbug, Put-On : فریب : something intended to deceive; deliberate trickery intended to gain an advantage. "Make-money-fast scheme is a hoax"

Persistent, Relentless, Unrelenting : مستقل : never-ceasing. "The relentless beat of the drums"

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