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طے ہونا : Tay Hona Meaning in English

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1) طے ہونا یقینی ہونا : Designate Destine Doom Fate : (verb) decree or designate beforehand.


Useful Words

نام رکھنا : Denominate, Designate : assign a name or title to. "Designate him".

منصبی : Designative : serving to designate. "I want to know designative meaning".

طے کرنا : Slate : designate or schedule. "He slated his talk for 9 AM".

نام دینا : Style, Title : designate by an identifying term. "They styled their nation `The Confederate States'".

تعلیمی ترتیب : Academic Program : (education) a program of education in liberal arts and sciences (usually in preparation for higher education).

حکم امتناعی : Ban, Prohibition, Proscription : a decree that prohibits something.

مقدر میں ہونا : Bound, Destined : (usually followed by `to`) governed by fate. "It wasn`t destined".

پہلے سے فیصلہ ہوجانا : Predestine : decree or determine beforehand.

حکم جاری کرنا : Decree : issue a decree. "The king issues royal decree to fight corruption".

جلاوطن کرنا : Banish, Bar, Relegate : expel, as if by official decree. "Banish him from the country".

فرمان جاری کرنا : Enact, Ordain : order by virtue of superior authority; decree. "The King ordained the persecution and expulsion of the Jews".

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