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Tea Wagon meaning in Urdu

Tea Wagon Synonyms


Tea Wagon Definitions

1) Tea Wagon, Tea Cart, Tea Trolley, Teacart : چائے کی ٹرالی : (noun) serving cart for serving tea or light refreshments.

Useful Words

Tureen : سالن کا ڈونگا , Dinnerware : رات کے کھانے والے برتن , Donkey Cart : گدھا گاڑی , Camion : ٹھیلا , Cartage : مال برداری , Waggonwright : ویگن ساز , Waggoner : ویگن کا ڈرائیور , Barrow : ٹھیلا , Jinrikisha : رکشا , Jaunting Car : دو پہیوں والی گاڑی , Horse Cart : گھوڑا گاڑی , Wain : چو پہیہ گاڑی , Tram : کوئلے وغیرہ کی کانوں میں چلنے والی گاڑی , Hayrack : چارے کا خانہ , Bandwagon : سرکس والی گاڑی , Cart : گدھا گاڑی وغیرہ , Trek : بیل گاڑی میں سفر کرنا , Axletree : دھرے کا ڈنڈا , Harness : بگھی کے جانور کی پٹی جو جانور اور بگھی میں باندھی جاتی ہے , Conestoga : مسافر گاڑی , Demonstrative : اظہاری , Beginning : ابتدائی , Admonitory : انتباہی , Avail : فائدہ , Alternate : متبادل , Restrictive : محدود , Designative : منصبی , Token : علامت , Basal : بنیادی , Genitive : مضاف الیہ , Cold Cereal : خشک اناج

Useful Words Definitions

Tureen: large deep serving dish with a cover; for serving soups and stews.

Dinnerware: the tableware (plates and platters and serving bowls etc.) used in serving a meal.

Donkey Cart: a cart with an underslung axle and two seats.

Camion: a low heavy horse cart without sides; used for haulage.

Cartage: the work of taking something away in a cart or truck and disposing of it.

Waggonwright: a wagon maker.

Waggoner: the driver of a wagon.

Barrow: a cart for carrying small loads; has handles and one or more wheels.

Jinrikisha: a small two-wheeled cart for one passenger; pulled by one person.

Jaunting Car: an open two-wheeled one-horse cart formerly widely used in Ireland.

Horse Cart: heavy cart; drawn by a horse; used for farm work.

Wain: large open farm wagon.

Tram: a four-wheeled wagon that runs on tracks in a mine.

Hayrack: a frame attached to a wagon to increase the amount of hay it can carry.

Bandwagon: a large ornate wagon for carrying a musical band.

Cart: a heavy open wagon usually having two wheels and drawn by an animal.

Trek: a journey by ox wagon (especially an organized migration by a group of settlers).

Axletree: a dead axle on a carriage or wagon that has terminal spindles on which the wheels revolve.

Harness: stable gear consisting of an arrangement of leather straps fitted to a draft animal so that it can be attached to and pull a cart.

Conestoga: a large wagon with broad wheels and an arched canvas top; used by the United States pioneers to cross the prairies in the 19th century.

Demonstrative: serving to demonstrate.

Beginning: serving to begin.

Admonitory: serving to warn.

Avail: a means of serving.

Alternate: serving or used in place of another.

Restrictive: serving to restrict.

Designative: serving to designate.

Token: something serving as a sign of something else.

Basal: serving as or forming a base.

Genitive: serving to express or indicate possession.

Cold Cereal: a cereal that is not heated before serving.

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