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1) Terminator : مٹا دینے والا Mata Dene Wala : (noun) someone who exterminates (especially someone whose occupation is the extermination of troublesome rodents and insects).

Urdu Synonym(s) : خاتم Khatm مختتم Mukhtatm

English Synonym(s) : Eradicator Exterminator

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Terminator in Book Titles

Waiting for the Exterminator.
Housing Exterminator.

Useful Words

Especially Particularly Peculiarly Specially : خاص طور پر Khas Tor Par : to a distinctly greater extent or degree than is common. "He was particularly fussy about spelling"

Exterminate Kill Off : ختم کرنا Khatam Karna : kill en masse; kill on a large scale; kill many. "Hitler wanted to exterminate the Jews, Gypsies, Communists, and homosexuals of Europe"

Extermination Liquidation : کاروبار کے خاتمے کا عمل Karobar Kay Khaatmay Ka Amal : the act of exterminating.

Insect : کیڑا Kira : small air-breathing arthropod.

Business Job Line Line Of Work Occupation : کام Kam : the principal activity in your life that you do to earn money. "He`s not in my line of business"

Gnawer Rodent : کترنے والے جانور یا کیڑے Kutarny Walay Janwar Ya Keeray : relatively small placental mammals having a single pair of constantly growing incisor teeth specialized for gnawing.

Individual Mortal Person Somebody Someone Soul : شخص Shakhs : a human being. "Every individual was gone through corona test before passing the immigration"

Troublesome : پیچیدہ Pechida : difficult to deal with. "Don`t do business partnership with Aamir, i am telling you he is a troublesome guy and would deceive you later"

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