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Terminal meaning in Urdu

Terminal Sentences

Truck terminal in Karachi.
The terminals of the anterior arches of the fornix.

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Terminal in Detail

1 of 4) Terminal, Depot, Terminus : گودام, اسٹیشن : (noun) station where transport vehicles load or unload passengers or goods.

Related : Airport Terminal : a terminal that serves air travelers or air freight. Station : a facility equipped with special equipment and personnel for a particular purpose. Transportation System : a facility consisting of the means and equipment necessary for the movement of passengers or goods.


2 of 4) Terminal : آخری نشان, آخری سرا, آخری حد : (adjective) of or relating to or situated at the ends of a delivery route.

Freight pickup is a terminal service.
Terminal charges.

3 of 4) Terminal, End : اختتام : (noun) either extremity of something that has length.

Related : Point : sharp end. Pole : one of the two ends of a magnet where the magnetism seems to be concentrated. Terminus : either end of a railroad or bus route.

4 of 4) Terminal, Concluding, Final, Last : اختتامی : (satellite adjective) occurring at or forming an end or termination.

Terminal leave.

Related : Closing : final or ending.

Useful Words

Air Terminal, Airport Terminal : ہوائی اڈا : a terminal that serves air travelers or air freight.

Terminal Leave : اختتامی رخصت : final leave before discharge from military service.

Limit, Terminal Point, Terminus Ad Quem : آخری حد : final or latest limiting point.

Flag Stop, Way Station, Whistle Stop : بڑے اسٹیشنوں کے درمیان واقع کوئی چھوٹا ریلوے اسٹیشن : a small railway station between the principal stations or a station where the train stops only on a signal.

Channel, Television Channel, Tv Channel : ٹی وی چینل : a television station and its programs. "A satellite TV channel".

Humble, Low, Lowly, Modest, Small : کم تر : low or inferior in station or quality. "A humble person in society".

Rectorate, Rectorship : ناظم یا پادری کا دفتر : the office or station of a rector.

Power Plant, Power Station, Powerhouse : برقی پلانٹ : an electrical generating station.

Filling Station, Gas Station, Gasoline Station, Petrol Station : فلنگ اسٹیشن جہاں گیس بھروائی جاتی ہو : a service station that sells gasoline.

Higher-Up, Superior, Superordinate : اعلی درجے کا : one of greater rank or station or quality.

Poll : ووٹ ڈالنا : vote in an election at a polling station.

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