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Thread meaning in Urdu

Thread Sentences

Thread making machine.
Thread dried cranberries.

Thread Synonyms


Thread Definitions

1 of 4) Thread, Yarn : دھاگہ, تاگا : (noun) a fine cord of twisted fibers (of cotton or silk or wool or nylon etc.) used in sewing and weaving.

2 of 4) Thread, Meander, Wander, Weave, Wind : موڑنا, مڑنا, چکر کھانا : (verb) to move or cause to move in a sinuous, spiral, or circular course.

3 of 4) Thread, Ribbon : فیتہ, ربن : (noun) any long object resembling a thin line.

From the air the road was a grey thread.
A thread of smoke climbed upward.

4 of 4) Thread, Draw, String : پرونا : (verb) thread on or as if on a string.

Useful Words

Lastex : لاسٹک , Clew : ڈوری کا گولا , Ply : رسی کا بل , Thrower : ریشم کے دھاگے بٹنے والا , Strand : لڑی , Sewing Kit : سوئی دھاگے کا ڈبا , Sewing Needle : سلائی کی سوئی , Knitter : بننے والا , Worsted : بٹی ہوئی اون , Ninon : شفاف باریک کپڑا جیسے شیفون , Comber : دھنیا , Throstle : چرخہ کاٹنے کی مشین , Lint : کتانہ , Filling : بنی ہوئی شے , Egyptian Cotton : مصری کپاس , Moreen : پردوں وغیرہ کے لئے استعمال ہونے والا کپڑا , Hank : دھاگے کا لچھا , Filamentlike : دھاگے کی طرح , Lisle : ڈورا , Needlecraft : کڑھائی کا کام , Tinsel : چمکدار دھاتی مادے کے باریک دھاگے , Down : ملائم بال , Bobbin : پھرکی , Pique : اونچی ڈوریوں کے ساتھ مضبوطی سے بنے ہوئے کپڑے , Cloth : لباس , Crochet : کروشیا کرنا , Cord : ڈوری , Nut : پیچ , Loom : کپڑا بنانے کی مشین , Whipcord : مضبوط بٹی ہوئی کوڑا بنانے کی رسی , Faille : چمکیلا کپڑا

Useful Words Definitions

Lastex: yarn that has an elastic core wound around with cotton or silk or nylon or rayon threads.

Clew: a ball of yarn or cord or thread.

Ply: one of the strands twisted together to make yarn or rope or thread; often used in combination.

Thrower: a person who twists silk or rayon filaments into a thread or yarn.

Strand: line consisting of a complex of fibers or filaments that are twisted together to form a thread or a rope or a cable.

Sewing Kit: a sewing kit is a collection of tools and supplies used for sewing and repairing garments or fabrics. It typically includes needles, thread, pins, scissors, and other related accessories.

Sewing Needle: a needle used in sewing to pull thread through cloth.

Knitter: someone who makes garments (or fabrics) by intertwining yarn or thread.

Worsted: a tightly twisted woolen yarn spun from long-staple wool.

Ninon: a fine strong sheer silky fabric made of silk or rayon or nylon.

Comber: a person who separates and straightens the fibers of cotton or wool.

Throstle: a spinning machine formerly used to twist and wind fibers of cotton or wool continuously.

Lint: fine ravellings of cotton or linen fibers.

Filling: the yarn woven across the warp yarn in weaving.

Egyptian Cotton: fine somewhat brownish long-staple cotton grown in Egypt; believed to be derived from sea island cotton or by hybridization with Peruvian cotton.

Moreen: a heavy fabric of wool (or wool and cotton) used mostly in upholstery or for curtains.

Hank: a coil of rope or wool or yarn.

Filamentlike: thin in diameter; resembling a thread.

Lisle: a fabric woven with lisle thread.

Needlecraft: a creation created or assembled by needle and thread.

Tinsel: a thread with glittering metal foil attached.

Down: fine soft dense hair (as the fine short hair of cattle or deer or the wool of sheep or the undercoat of certain dogs).

Bobbin: a winder around which thread or tape or film or other flexible materials can be wound.

Pique: tightly woven cotton yarn fabric with raised cords.

Cloth: artifact made by weaving or felting or knitting or crocheting natural or synthetic fibers.

Crochet: make a piece of needlework by interlocking and looping thread with a hooked needle.

Cord: a line made of twisted fibers or threads.

Nut: a small (usually square or hexagonal) metal block with internal screw thread to be fitted onto a bolt.

Loom: a textile machine for weaving yarn into a textile.

Whipcord: closely twisted hard cord used for the lashes of whips.

Faille: a ribbed woven fabric of silk or rayon or cotton.

Related Words

Object : چیز , Nap : ریشم , Draw : دوڑانا , Bead : پرونا , Arrange : ترتیب دینا , Go : سفر کرنا , Wander : پھرنا

Thread in Book Titles

The Thread: A Mathematical Yarn.
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