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Totality meaning in Urdu

Totality Sentence

Appalled by the totality of the destruction.

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Totality in Detail

1 of 2) Totality, Entireness, Entirety, Integrality : کل تعداد, کل, کلیت : (noun) the state of being total and complete.

Related : Completeness : the state of being complete and entire; having everything that is needed. Works : everything available; usually preceded by `the'.

2 of 2) Totality, Aggregate, Sum, Total : کل میزان, کل تعداد, کل : (noun) the whole amount.

Related : Whole : an assemblage of parts that is regarded as a single entity.

Totality in Book Titles

Totality and Infinity: An Essay on Exteriority.
Forty Types of PROOFS of Actual Totality.
Moholy-Nagy: Experiment in TotalityAggregate Tests Related to Asphalt Concrete Performance in Pavements.

Useful Words

Amount, Amount Of Money, Sum, Sum Of Money : رقم : a quantity of money. "He borrowed a large sum".

Complete : کامل : having every necessary or normal part or component or step. "A complete meal".

State : حالت : the way something is with respect to its main attributes. "Overthinking ruined his mental state".

Entire, Full, Total : پورا : constituting the full quantity or extent; complete. "An entire town devastated by an earthquake".

Whole : پورا : including all components without exception; being one unit or constituting the full amount or extent or duration; complete. "Gave his whole attention".

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