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Trance   Meaning in Urdu

1. Trance - Enchantment - Spell : منتر - جادو ٹونہ : (noun) a psychological state induced by (or as if induced by) a magical incantation.

Captivation, Fascination - the state of being intensely interested (as by awe or terror).

2. Trance - Becharm - Beguile - Bewitch - Captivate - Capture - Catch - Charm - Enamor - Enamour - Enchant - Entrance - Fascinate : اپنی طرف مائل کرنا - موہ لینا : (verb) attract; cause to be enamored.

Hold - hold the attention of.

3. Trance : مدہوشی : (noun) a state of mind in which consciousness is fragile and voluntary action is poor or missing; a state resembling deep sleep.

Unconsciousness - a state lacking normal awareness of the self or environment.

Trance in Book Titles

Trance Formation of America.
The Way of Trance.
Shamanic Trance in Modern Kabbalah.
Tantra & Erotic Trance: Volume One - Outer WorkThe Capture of Speech and Other Political Writings.

Useful Words

Attract - Draw - Draw In - Pull - Pull In : کھینچنا : direct toward itself or oneself by means of some psychological power or physical attributes. "Her good looks attract the stares of many men"

Cause - Get - Have - Induce - Make - Stimulate : آمادہ کرنا : cause to do; cause to act in a specified manner. "The ads induced me to buy a VCR"

If : اگر : On the condition that. "Even if it fell off"

Conjuration - Incantation : جادو : a ritual recitation of words or sounds believed to have a magical effect.

Charming - Magic - Magical - Sorcerous - Witching - Wizard - Wizardly : جادو : possessing or using or characteristic of or appropriate to supernatural powers. "Charming incantations"

State : حالت : the way something is with respect to its main attributes. "Narrate me the state of your heart"

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