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Trimly meaning in Urdu

Trimly Sentence

He was trimly attired.

Trimly Definitions

1) Trimly : ترتیب سے : (adverb) in a trim manner.


Useful Words

Manicure : ناخن تراشی کرنا , Neatness : صفائی , Slick Up : بنانا , Flounce : جھالر , Tack : رستہ , Firmly : حفاظت سے , Becomingly : مناسب طور سے , Differently : مختلف انداز سے , Appropriately : مناسب طریقے سے , Cause : قائل کرنا , Decent : مناسب طور پر , Volitionally : مرضی سے , Alike : ایک ہی طرح سے , Earnestly : توجہ سے , Fain : مرضی سے , However : چاہے جیسے بھی , Gaily : خوش دلی سے , Coyly : شرما تے ہوۓ , Wryly : ٹیڑھے پن سے , Weightily : سنجیدہ طور پر , Childishly : طفلانہ طور سے , Unappreciatively : ناشکری سے , Bounteously : فراخ دلانا انداز , Acquit : اصلاح کرنا , Covertly : خفیہ طور پر , Periodically : کبھی کبھی , Mundanely : دنیاوی طریقے سے , Paternally : بدرانہ طور پر , Penally : سزا کے طور پر , Asperity : کھردرا پن , Disobediently : نافرمانی سے

Useful Words Definitions

Manicure: trim carefully and neatly.

Neatness: the state of being neat and smart and trim.

Slick Up: make neat, smart, or trim.

Flounce: a strip of pleated material used as a decoration or a trim.

Tack: the heading or position of a vessel relative to the trim of its sails.

Firmly: in a secure manner; in a manner free from danger.

Becomingly: in a becoming manner.

Differently: in another and different manner.

Appropriately: in an appropriate manner.

Cause: cause to do; cause to act in a specified manner.

Decent: in the right manner.

Volitionally: in a willing manner.

Alike: in a like manner.

Earnestly: in a serious manner.

Fain: in a willing manner.

However: in whatever way or manner.

Gaily: in a gay manner.

Coyly: in a coy manner.

Wryly: in a wry manner.

Weightily: in a serious manner.

Childishly: in a childlike manner.

Unappreciatively: in an ungrateful manner.

Bounteously: in a bountiful manner.

Acquit: behave in a certain manner.

Covertly: in a covert manner.

Periodically: in a sporadic manner.

Mundanely: in a worldly manner.

Paternally: in a paternal manner.

Penally: in a punishing manner.

Asperity: harshness of manner.

Disobediently: in a disobedient manner.

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