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1 of 4) Truly, Genuinely, Really : واقعی, سچی : (adverb) in accordance with truth or fact or reality.

She was now truly American.


3 of 4) Truly, Sincerely, Unfeignedly : خلوص سے, کھرے انداز سے : (adverb) with sincerity; without pretense.

We are truly sorry for the inconvenience.

4 of 4) Truly, In Truth, Really : حقیقت میں : (adverb) in fact (used as intensifiers or sentence modifiers).

A truly awful book.

Related : Intensive : a modifier that has little meaning except to intensify the meaning it modifies.

Useful Words

False : باطل : not in accordance with the fact or reality or actuality. "Don`t make false statements".

Sooth : حقیقی : truth or reality. "In sooth".

Exact : بالکل صحیح : marked by strict and particular and complete accordance with fact. "An exact mind".

Correctness, Rightness : درستگی : conformity to fact or truth.

True : سچ : consistent with fact or reality; not false. "It might be true".

Acknowledge, Admit : تسلیم کرنا : declare to be true or admit the existence or reality or truth of. "I applied for a visa to England but my visa was rejected then I lodged an appeal and my appeal was acknowledged by immigration authority but there is a delay in issuing visa".

Incorrectness, Wrongness : غلطی : the quality of not conforming to fact or truth.

Incorrect, Wrong : غلط : not correct; not in conformity with fact or truth. "What`s wrong with you?".

Correct, Right : ٹھیک : free from error; especially conforming to fact or truth. "He does right".

Accurate, Exact, Precise : درست : (of ideas, images, representations, expressions) characterized by perfect conformity to fact or truth ; strictly correct. "A precise image".

Ostrich : حقیقت سے انکار کرنے والا : a person who refuses to face reality or recognize the truth (a reference to the popular notion that the ostrich hides from danger by burying its head in the sand).

Authentically, Genuinely : مصدقہ طور پر : genuinely; with authority. "It is authentically British".

Bear, Hold : پاس رکھنا : have rightfully; of rights, titles, and offices. "She bears the title of Duchess".

Marvellously, Marvelously, Superbly, Terrifically, Toppingly, Wonderfully, Wondrous, Wondrously : شانداری سے : (used as an intensifier) extremely well. "Her voice is superbly disciplined".

Ever, Ever So : بہت زیادہ : (intensifier for adjectives) very. "She was ever so friendly".

Cursed, Curst : لعنتی : deserving a curse; sometimes used as an intensifier. "Villagers shun the area believing it to be cursed".

Literally : بالکل : (intensifier before a figurative expression) without exaggeration. "Our eyes were literally pinned to TV during the Gulf War".

Unmitigated : پکا : not diminished or moderated in intensity or severity; sometimes used as an intensifier. "Unmitigated suffering".

Accordingly : موزوں طریقے سے : in accordance with. "She acted accordingly".

Adhere : پیروی : be compatible or in accordance with. "You must adhere to the rules".

Seasonably : ٹھیک طرح : in accordance with the season. "It was seasonably cold".

Lawful, Legitimate, Licit : جائز : authorized, sanctioned by, or in accordance with law. "A legitimate government".

Customary : رسمی : in accordance with convention or custom. "Sealed the deal with the customary handshake".

Abide By, Comply, Follow : ماننا : act in accordance with someone`s rules, commands, or wishes. "You comply me thats good".

Fashionable, Stylish : رائج الوقت : being or in accordance with current social fashions. "Fashionable clothing".

Biblical, Scriptural : بائیبل کے مطابق : of or pertaining to or contained in or in accordance with the Bible. "Biblical names".

Meticulous, Punctilious : باریک بین : marked by precise accordance with details. "Meticulous research".

Legitimacy : قانونی حیثیت : lawfulness by virtue of being authorized or in accordance with law.

Conscientious : اخلاقی : guided by or in accordance with conscience or sense of right and wrong. "A conscientious decision to speak out about injustice".

Act On : تعمیل کرنا : regulate one's behavior in accordance with certain information, ideas, or advice. "The Founding Fathers acted on certain moral principles".

At Bottom, At Heart, Deep Down, In Spite Of Appearance, Inside : حقیقت میں : in reality. "But deep down inside he was my friend".

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