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Trump   Meaning in Urdu

1. Trump - Trump Card : ترپ کا پتہ : (noun) a playing card in the suit that has been declared trumps.

The ace of trumps is a sure winner.

Playing Card - one of a pack of cards that are used to play card games.

2. Trump - Best - Outdo - Outflank - Scoop : جیتنا - بہتر کام کرنا : (verb) get the better of.

Beat, Beat Out, Crush, Shell, Trounce, Vanquish - come out better in a competition, race, or conflict.

3. Trump - Cornet - Horn - Trumpet : آلہ موسیقی - بگل : (noun) a brass musical instrument with a brilliant tone; has a narrow tube and a flared bell and is played by means of valves.

Trump in Book Titles

Arban`s Complete Conservatory Method for Trumpet.
A textbook for trumpet.
Playing the Trumpet and Brass.

Useful Words

Better : اچھا : something superior in quality or condition or effect. "It would be better if you come alone"

Card : تاش : one of a set of small pieces of stiff paper marked in various ways and used for playing games or for telling fortunes. "He collected cards and traded them with the other boys"

Declared - Stated : مسلمہ : declared as fact; explicitly stated.

Catch - Get : سمجھنا : grasp with the mind or develop an understanding of. "Got something ?"

Playing : کھیلنے کا عمل : the action of taking part in a game or sport or other recreation. "Who were you playing with?"

Suit - Suit Of Clothes : جوڑا : a set of garments (usually including a jacket and trousers or skirt) for outerwear all of the same fabric and color. "They buried him in his best suit"

Trump - Trump Card : ترپ کا پتہ : a playing card in the suit that has been declared trumps. "The ace of trumps is a sure winner"

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