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Tumescent meaning in Urdu

Tumescent Sentence

Tumescent tissue.

Tumescent Synonyms


Tumescent Definitions

1) Tumescent, Intumescent, Puffy, Tumid, Turgid : پہولا ہوا, پھیلا ہوا, ضخیم : (satellite adjective) abnormally distended especially by fluids or gas.

Useful Words

Oliguria : پیشاب کا کم اخراج , Distensible : پھلانے کے قابل , Cavernous : بہت زیادہ حساس بافت جو اوپر کو اٹھ سکے اور ہیجانی حالت میں تن جائے , Humoral : جسم کی رطوبتوں کے بارے میں , Standing : کھڑا پانی , Hydrodynamics : ماقوا حرکیات , Intumescence : سوجن , Pump : ہوا کے زور سےکھینچ نکالنا , Suction Pump : ایک پمپ , Channel : آبی گزر گاہ , Vascular : نالیوں کے نظام سے متعلق , Leaky : رسنے والا , Flow : بہاو , Reflux : الٹا بہاٴو , Cannular : نلکی نما , Aerodynamic Force : ہوائی طاقت , Heat Exhaustion : گرمی لگ جانا , Intumesce : بڑھنا , Monstrous : بہت بڑا , Catheter : جسم سے سیال نکالنے کی نلکی , Ingrowing : اندر کی طرف بڑھنے والا , Behemoth : دیو ہیکل , Vegetate : بڑھنا , Addiction : شدید چاہت , Bradycardia : دل کی دھڑکن کم ہونے کی کیفیت , Varicose : پہولا ہوا , Hypotension : بلڈ پریشر کم ہونا , Hypotensive : کم بلڈ پریشر والا , Oligomenorrhea : غیر معمولی حیض , Stenosed : سکڑا ہوا , Microcephalic : غیر معمولی چھوٹے سر کر متعلق

Useful Words Definitions

Oliguria: abnormally small production of urine; can be a symptom of kidney disease or obstruction of the urinary tract or edema or an imbalance of fluids and electrolytes in the body.

Distensible: capable of being distended; able to stretch and expand.

Cavernous: filled with vascular sinuses and capable of becoming distended and rigid as the result of being filled with blood.

Humoral: of or relating to bodily fluids.

Standing: (of fluids) not moving or flowing.

Hydrodynamics: study of fluids in motion.

Intumescence: swelling up with blood or other fluids (as with congestion).

Pump: raise (gases or fluids) with a pump.

Suction Pump: a pump for raising fluids by suction.

Channel: a passage for water (or other fluids) to flow through.

Vascular: of or relating to or having vessels that conduct and circulate fluids.

Leaky: permitting the unwanted passage of fluids or gases.

Flow: the motion characteristic of fluids (liquids or gases).

Reflux: an abnormal backward flow of body fluids.

Cannular: constituting a tube; having hollow tubes (as for the passage of fluids).

Aerodynamic Force: forces acting on airfoils in motion relative to the air (or other gaseous fluids).

Heat Exhaustion: a condition marked by dizziness and nausea and weakness caused by depletion of body fluids and electrolytes.

Intumesce: expand abnormally.

Monstrous: abnormally large.

Catheter: a thin flexible tube inserted into the body to permit introduction or withdrawal of fluids or to keep the passageway open.

Ingrowing: growing abnormally into the flesh.

Behemoth: someone or something that is abnormally large and powerful.

Vegetate: grow or spread abnormally.

Addiction: an abnormally strong craving.

Bradycardia: abnormally slow heartbeat.

Varicose: abnormally swollen or knotty.

Hypotension: abnormally low blood pressure.

Hypotensive: a person who has abnormally low blood pressure.

Oligomenorrhea: abnormally light or infrequent menstruation.

Stenosed: abnormally constricted body canal or passage.

Microcephalic: having an abnormally small head and underdeveloped brain.

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