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Twine meaning in Urdu

Twine Sentences

Intertwine the two ribbons.
Twine the thread around the spool.

Twine Synonyms


Twine Definitions

1 of 4) Twine, String : ڈوری, ستلی, رسی : (noun) a lightweight cord.

2 of 4) Twine, Enlace, Entwine, Interlace, Intertwine, Lace : بل دینا : (verb) spin,wind, or twist together.

Twine the threads into a rope.
Intertwined hearts.

3 of 4) Twine, Roll, Wind, Wrap : لپیٹنا, موڑنا : (verb) arrange or or coil around.

4 of 4) Twine, Distort, Twist : بل دینا, موڑنا : (verb) form into a spiral shape.

Useful Words

Agave Cantala : فلپائنی بغیر تنے والا پودا , Tie : رسی , Entangle : الجھانا , Spinal : ریڑھ کی ہڈی سے متعلق , Slipknot : آسانی سے کھل جانے والی گرہ , Mount : سواری میں استعمال ہونے والا گہوڑا , Macintosh : برساتی کوٹ , Umbrella : چھتری , Nainsook : ہلکی باریک سادہ ململ , Pith Hat : ٹوپی , Draw : پرونا , Bead : پرونا , Buggy : پرانے زمانے کی گہوڑا گاڑی , Beads : موتیوں کی لڑی , Chambray : شیشمی کپڑا , Prayer Beads : تسبیح , Band : بینڈ باجے , Agglutinate : منسلک ہونا , Strum : کسی ساز پر ہلکے ہلکے انگلیاں پھیرنا جس سے آواز پیدا ہو , Flimsy : ایک قسم کا پتلا چمکیلا کاغذ جو کاربن پیپر بنانے کے کام آتا ہے , Twang : گونج دار آواز , Cat's Cradle : ڈوری اور انگلیوں کا ایک کھیل , Bob : پنڈولم , Composite Material : مختلف موادوں سے بنا , Jaconet : نرم اور ہلکا سوتی کپڑا , Sentence : جملہ , Yo-Yo : چکری ایک کھلونا , African Scented Mahogany : افریقی دیار , Mesh : جالی , Latchstring : دروازے کے سوراخ باہر نکلی ہوئی رسی جوباہر دروازہ کہولنے کے لئے کام آتی ہے , Orchestra : موسیقی بجانے والوں کا گروہ

Useful Words Definitions

Agave Cantala: Philippine plant yielding a hard fibre used in making coarse twine.

Tie: a cord (or string or ribbon or wire etc.) with which something is tied.

Entangle: twist together or entwine into a confusing mass.

Spinal: anesthesia of the lower half of the body; caused by injury to the spinal cord or by injecting an anesthetic beneath the arachnoid membrane that surrounds the spinal cord.

Slipknot: a knot at the end of a cord or rope that can slip along the cord or rope around which it is made.

Mount: a lightweight horse kept for riding only.

Macintosh: a lightweight waterproof (usually rubberized) fabric.

Umbrella: a lightweight handheld collapsible canopy.

Nainsook: a soft lightweight muslin used especially for babies.

Pith Hat: a lightweight hat worn in tropical countries for protection from the sun.

Draw: thread on or as if on a string.

Bead: string together like beads.

Buggy: a small lightweight carriage; drawn by a single horse.

Beads: several beads threaded together on a string.

Chambray: a lightweight fabric woven with white threads across a colored warp.

Prayer Beads: a string of beads used in counting prayers.

Band: instrumentalists not including string players.

Agglutinate: string together (morphemes in an agglutinating language).

Strum: sound the strings of (a string instrument).

Flimsy: a thin strong lightweight translucent paper used especially for making carbon copies.

Twang: a sharp vibrating sound (as of a plucked string).

Cat's Cradle: a game played with string looped over the fingers.

Bob: a hanging weight, especially a metal ball on a string.

Composite Material: strong lightweight material developed in the laboratory; fibers of more than one kind are bonded together chemically.

Jaconet: a lightweight cotton cloth with a smooth and slightly stiff finish; used for clothing and bandages.

Sentence: a string of words satisfying the grammatical rules of a language.

Yo-Yo: a toy consisting of a spool that is reeled up and down on a string by motions of the hand.

African Scented Mahogany: African tree having rather lightweight cedar-scented wood varying in color from pink to reddish brown.

Mesh: an open fabric of string or rope or wire woven together at regular intervals.

Latchstring: opener consisting of a string that can be passed through a hole in a door for raising the latch from outside.

Orchestra: a musical organization consisting of a group of instrumentalists including string players.

Related Words

Cord : ڈوری , Wrench : مروڑنا , Contort : بگاڑنا , Interweave : بننا , Knot : پیچیدہ , Clew : گولا بنانا , Coil : لپیٹنا , Displace : چیز کو ایک جگہ سے ہٹانا

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