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Undo meaning in Urdu

Undo Sentences

I wish I could undo my actions.
Undo the parcel.

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Undo in Detail

1 of 4) Undo : منسوخ کرنا : (verb) cancel, annul, or reverse an action or its effect.

Related : Turn : change to the contrary. Untie : undo the ties of. Unstrap : remove the strap or straps from.


2 of 4) Undo : رسوا کرنا : (verb) cause the ruin or downfall of.

3 of 4) Undo, Loosen, Untie : ڈھیلا کرنا : (verb) cause to become loose.

Undo the shoelace.

Related : Modify : cause to change; make different; cause a transformation.

4 of 4) Undo, Unwrap : کہولنا, غیر ملفوف کرنا, کاغذ وغیرہ اتارنا : (verb) remove the outer cover or wrapping of.

Related : Uncover : remove all or part of one's clothes to show one's body.

Useful Words

Active : تبدیلی لانے والا : exerting influence or producing a change or effect. "An active ingredient".

Militate : مخالفت کرنا : have force or influence; bring about an effect or change. "Politeness militated against this opinion being expressed".

Choke : قابو کرنا : check or slow down the action or effect of. "She choked her anger".

Backfire, Backlash, Recoil : پیچھے کو ہٹنا : come back to the originator of an action with an undesired effect. "Your comments may backfire and cause you a lot of trouble".

Counteractive : دافع : opposing or neutralizing or mitigating an effect by contrary action.

Unlash : ڈھیلا کرنا : untie the lashing of. "Unlash the horse".

Unbind : ڈھیلا کر دینا : untie or unfasten. "Unbind the feet of this poor woman".

Activating, Actuating : چلانے والا : causing motion or action or change.

Active : عملی حصہ لینا : disposed to take action or effectuate change. "A director who takes an active interest in corporate operations".

Still : اب بھی : with reference to action or condition; without change, interruption, or cessation. "Still sitting?".

Call Off, Cancel, Scratch, Scrub : منسوخ کر دینا : postpone indefinitely or annul something that was scheduled. "Call off the engagement".

Abrogator : ناسخ : an authority or official empowered to abolish or annul or repeal. "Meet the abrogator".

Unloose, Unloosen : چھوڑ دینا : loosen the ties of. "Unloose your sneakers".

Unscrew : بوتل کے ڈھکن کو گھما کر کہولنا : loosen by turning. "Unscrew the bottle cap".

Cut Into, Delve, Dig, Turn Over : کھودنا : turn up, loosen, or remove earth. "Dig the garden".

Write Off : منسوخ کرنا : cancel (a debt).

Annul, Countermand, Lift, Overturn, Repeal, Rescind, Reverse, Revoke, Vacate : واپس لینا : cancel officially. "He revoked the ban on smoking".

Turn The Tables, Turn The Tide : پانسہ پلٹ دینا : cause a complete reversal of the circumstances. "The tables are turned now that the Republicans are in power!".

Unbuckle : بکسوا کہولنا : undo the buckle of. "Unbuckle your seat belt".

Unbraid : گانٹھ کہولنا : undo the braids of. "Unbraid my hair".

Unbolt : کنڈی کھول دینا : undo the bolt of. "Unbolt the door".

Unbutton : بٹن کھولنا : undo the buttons of. "Unbutton the shirt".

Untwine : سلجھانا : undo what has been twined together. "Untwine the strings".

Unbrace, Unlace, Untie : آزاد کر دینا : undo the ties of. "They untied the prisoner".

Anastrophe, Inversion : تبدیلی الفاظ : the reversal of the normal order of words.

Ante Up, Pay, Pay Up : قرض چکانا : cancel or discharge a debt. "Pay up, please!".

Unweave : بل کہولنا : undo strands that have been woven together.

Equilibrium : توازن : a stable situation in which forces cancel one another. "Equilibrium of demand and supply in subject of economics".

Rake : دانتوں والا اوزار : a long-handled tool with a row of teeth at its head; used to move leaves or loosen soil.

Sublimate, Sublime : پگھلے بغیر بھاپ بن جانا : change or cause to change directly from a solid into a vapor without first melting. "Sublime iodine".

Motility, Motion, Move, Movement : حرکت : a change of position that does not entail a change of location. "Your movement".

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