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1) Undressed, Unappareled, Unattired, Unclad, Ungarbed, Ungarmented : بغیر لباس کے, ننگا, بے کپڑوں کے : (satellite adjective) having removed clothing.

Related : Unclothed : not wearing clothing.

Useful Words

Discase, Disrobe, Peel, Strip, Strip Down, Uncase, Unclothe, Undress : برہنہ ہوجانا : get undressed. "Please don`t undress in front of everybody!".

Au Naturel, Bare, Naked, Nude : پورا ننگا : completely unclothed. "He was naked".

Bare-Ass, Bare-Assed, In The Altogether, In The Buff, In The Raw, Naked As A Jaybird, Peeled, Raw, Stark Naked : ننگا : (used informally) completely unclothed.

Bottomless : کمر سے نیچے ننگا : unclothed especially below the waist or featuring such nudeness. "Bottomless dancers".

Bareness : ننگا پن : the state of being unclothed and exposed (especially of a part of the body).

Accessory, Accouterment, Accoutrement : اضافی لباس : clothing that is worn or carried, but not part of your main clothing.

Boned, Deboned : ہڈیوں کے بغیر : having had the bones removed. "A boneless rib roast".

Indelible, Unerasable : جو نہ مٹایا جاسکے : cannot be removed or erased. "An indelible stain".

Amputee : جوارح کٹا شخص : someone who has had a limb removed by amputation. "Amputee mobility predictor tool".

Confine : روکنا : prevent from leaving or from being removed.

Residue : بچی کھچی شے : matter that remains after something has been removed.

Earthy : خالص : not far removed from or suggestive of nature. "The earthy taste of warm milk fresh from the cow".

Irremovable : ناقابل برطرفی : incapable of being removed or away or dismiss. "Irremovable boulders".

Dross, Impurity : فضلہ : worthless or dangerous material that should be removed. "There were impurities in the water".

Alleviation, Assuagement, Relief : آرام : the feeling that comes when something burdensome is removed or reduced. "As he heard the news he was suddenly flooded with relief".

Cut, Emasculated, Gelded : خصی جانور : (of a male animal) having the testicles removed. "An emasculated lion".

Fringe, Outskirt : شہر کا کنارا : a part of the city far removed from the center. "They built a factory on the outskirts of the city".

All Clear : سب ٹھیک ہے : permission to proceed because obstacles have been removed.

Shell Bean : پھلی : unripe beans removed from the pod before cooking.

Hominy : مکئی کا دلیہ : hulled corn with the bran and germ removed. "Hominy is a food which consists of dried maize".

Pollard : منڈا جانور : a usually horned animal that has either shed its horns or had them removed.

Cocoa : کوکوکے بیج کا سفوف : powder of ground roasted cacao beans with most of the fat removed.

Permanent Magnet, Static Magnet : مستقل مقناطیس : a magnet that retains its magnetism after being removed from a magnetic field.

Rind : سخت چھال : the natural outer covering of food (usually removed before eating).

Ablative : ختم ہونے والا : tending to ablate; i.e. to be removed or vaporized at very high temperature. "Ablative material on a rocket cone".

End Game, Endgame : شطرنج کے کھیل کا آخری مرحلہ : the final stages of a chess game after most of the pieces have been removed from the board.

Nakedly : ننگا : without clothing. "Henriette saw the weaving figure of an Apache warrior reel nakedly on a pony and rush by with a rifle raised".

Without A Stitch : ننگاہ : without any clothing at all.

Go-To-Meeting, Sunday-Go-To-Meeting : پوری زیب و زینت کے ساتھ : used of clothing. "My good clothes".

Abortus : آدھا کلو سے کم کا جنین : a human fetus whose weight is less than 0.5 kilogram when removed or expelled from the mother`s body.

Blush Wine, Pink Wine, Rose, Rose Wine : گلابی مائل شراب : pinkish table wine from red grapes whose skins were removed after fermentation began. "Rose wine in glass".

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