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Unkindness meaning in Urdu

Unkindness Definitions

1) Unkindness : بے رحمی : (noun) lack of sympathy.


Useful Words

Unkindly : سختی سے , Concern : فکر , Commiseration : تعزیت , Unkindly : سخت , Commiserative : رحیم , Coldhearted : خود غرض , Tender : محبت بھرا , Compassion : رحم دلی , Kind-Heartedness : مروت , Commiseration : ہمدردی , Commiserate : ترس کھانا , Benevolent : لطیف , Condolent : تعزیت , Sob Story : ہمدردی پیدا کرنے والی جذباتی کہانی , Inattention : عدم توجہ , Inelasticity : بے لچک پن , Ingratitude : ناشکرا پن , Chasteness : سادگی , Disharmony : بے آہنگی , Diffidence : خود اعتمادی کا فقدان , Failure : ناکام ہونا , Provincialism : صوبائیت , Artless : اناڑی , Unconnectedness : بے تعلقی , Chilliness : سرد مہری , Asphyxiate : دم گہونٹ کر ماردینا , Discontinuity : انفصال , Simple Mindedness : سادگی , Naiveness : سادگی , Pusillanimously : بزدلی سے , Discourtesy : بے عزتی

Useful Words Definitions

Unkindly: in an unkind manner or with unkindness.

Concern: a feeling of sympathy for someone or something.

Commiseration: an expression of sympathy with another`s grief.

Unkindly: lacking in sympathy and kindness.

Commiserative: feeling or expressing sympathy.

Coldhearted: lacking in sympathy or feeling.

Tender: given to sympathy or gentleness or sentimentality.

Compassion: a deep awareness of and sympathy for another`s suffering.

Kind-Heartedness: sympathy arising from a kind heart.

Commiseration: a feeling of sympathy and sorrow for the misfortunes of others.

Commiserate: to feel or express sympathy or compassion.

Benevolent: showing or motivated by sympathy and understanding and generosity.

Condolent: expressing sympathy with a person who experienced the death of a loved one.

Sob Story: a sentimental story (or drama) of personal distress; designed to arouse sympathy.

Inattention: lack of attention.

Inelasticity: the lack of elasticity.

Ingratitude: a lack of gratitude.

Chasteness: lack of ornamentation.

Disharmony: a lack of harmony.

Diffidence: lack of self-confidence.

Failure: lack of success.

Provincialism: a lack of sophistication.

Artless: showing lack of art.

Unconnectedness: the lack of a connection between things.

Chilliness: a lack of affection or enthusiasm.

Asphyxiate: be asphyxiated; die from lack of oxygen.

Discontinuity: lack of connection or continuity.

Simple Mindedness: a lack of penetration or subtlety.

Naiveness: lack of sophistication or worldliness.

Pusillanimously: with a lack of courage and determination.

Discourtesy: an expression of lack of respect.