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Unknown   Meaning in Urdu

1. Unknown - Terra Incognita - Unknown Region : نامعلوم - نامعلوم علاقہ یا سر زمین : (noun) an unknown and unexplored region.

They came like angels out the unknown.

Region - a large indefinite location on the surface of the Earth.

2. Unknown : نامانوس - نامعلوم : (adjective) not known.

An unknown amount.
An unknown island.+ More

Unacknowledged - not recognized or admitted.

3. Unknown - Alien - Stranger : انجانا : (noun) anyone who does not belong in the environment in which they are found.

Foreigner, Outsider - someone who is excluded from or is not a member of a group.

4. Unknown - Nameless - Unidentified - Unnamed : گم نام : being or having an unknown or unnamed source.

A poem by an unknown author.

Anon., Anonymous - having no known name or identity or known source.

5. Unknown - Obscure - Unsung : گمنام : not famous or acclaimed.

6. Unknown - Strange : انجانا : not known before.

Don`t let anyone unknown into the house.

Unfamiliar - not known or well known.

Unknown in Book Titles

Letter from an Unknown Woman.
Entering the Door of the Unknown.
Address Unknown: The Homeless in America.
The Unknown Warrior.

Useful Words

Non - Not : نہیں : negation of a word or group of words. "Will not go like that"

Part - Region : علاقہ : the extended spatial location of something. "The farming regions of France"

Undiscovered - Unexplored : جو دریافت نہ ہوا ہو : not yet discovered. "Undiscovered islands"

Terra Incognita - Unknown - Unknown Region : نامعلوم : an unknown and unexplored region. "They came like angels out the unknown"

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