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Unlimited meaning in Urdu

Unlimited Sentence

To start with a theory of unlimited freedom is to end up with unlimited despotism.

Unlimited Synonyms


Unlimited Definitions

1 of 3) Unlimited, Limitless : حد کے بغیر, نامحدود, بے حد : (adjective) having no limits in range or scope.

2 of 3) Unlimited, Outright, Straight-Out : واضح : (satellite adjective) without reservation or exception.

3 of 3) Unlimited, Inexhaustible : بے حد, نا ختم ہونے والی : (satellite adjective) that cannot be entirely consumed or used up.

Useful Words

Limited : حدود کے اندر , All-Powerful : قادر مطلق , Infinite : بے انتہا , Omnipotence : بہت بڑی طاقت , Autocracy : بادشاہی , A La Carte : ہوٹل کے کھانوں کی فہرست , Limited : محدود , Broaden : پھیلانا , Extended : وسیع , Eternally : ہمیشہ کے لئے , Abysmal : انتہائی , Rebuff : انکار , Circumscribed : حد بند , Weasel Word : ایک مبہم لفظ جو ارادتاً قطعی بیان کے اظہار سے بچنے کے لیے استعمال کیا جاۓ , Himalaya : کوہ ہمالیہ , Determine : متعین کرنا , Comprehensive : وسیع , Confines : حدود , Excessive : ناجائز کی حد تک , Range : رسائی , Immoderate : ضرورت سے زیادہ , Across-The-Board : جامع , Internationalism : بین الاقوامیت , Cosmopolitan : دنیا جہاں کا , Comprehensiveness : وسیع النظری , Encyclopaedic : علم اور معلومات سے متعلق , Minor : چھوٹا , Ample : وافر , Broad : وسیع و عریض , Major : زبردست , Large-Scale : بڑے پیمانے پر

Useful Words Definitions

Limited: not unlimited.

All-Powerful: having unlimited power.

Infinite: the unlimited expanse in which everything is located.

Omnipotence: the state of being omnipotent; having unlimited power.

Autocracy: a political theory favoring unlimited authority by a single individual.

A La Carte: (of a restaurant meal) having unlimited choices with a separate price for each item.

Limited: small in range or scope.

Broaden: extend in scope or range or area.

Extended: large in spatial extent or range or scope or quantity.

Eternally: for a limitless time.

Abysmal: very great; limitless.

Rebuff: reject outright and bluntly.

Circumscribed: subject to limits or subjected to limits.

Weasel Word: an equivocal qualification; a word used to avoid making an outright assertion.

Himalaya: a mountain range extending 1500 miles on the border between India and Tibet; this range contains the world`s highest mountain.

Determine: fix in scope; fix the boundaries of.

Comprehensive: broad in scope.

Confines: a bounded scope.

Excessive: beyond normal limits.

Range: the limits within which something can be effective.

Immoderate: beyond reasonable limits.

Across-The-Board: broad in scope or content.

Internationalism: quality of being international in scope.

Cosmopolitan: of worldwide scope or applicability.

Comprehensiveness: completeness over a broad scope.

Encyclopaedic: broad in scope or content.

Minor: limited in size or scope.

Ample: more than enough in size or scope or capacity.

Broad: very large in expanse or scope.

Major: greater in scope or effect.

Large-Scale: unusually large in scope.

Related Words

Infinite : بے حد , Bottomless : لامحدود

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