Unprincipled Unpretentiousness Unpretentious Unprepared Unprejudiced Unpredicted Unpredictable Unpredictability Unprintable Unproblematic Unprocessed Unprocurable Unproductive Unproductively Unproductiveness Unprofessional Unprofitability Unprofitable Unprofitableness Unprofitably

Unprintable meaning in Urdu

Unprintable Sentence

An unprintable epithet.

Unprintable Definitions

1) Unprintable : ناقابل اشاعت : (adjective) unfit for print because morally or legally objectionable or offensive to good taste.

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Useful Words

Evil : بدکرداری , Obligatory : فرض , Answerable : جواب دہ , Rank : بد بو دار , Tastefulness : مزیدار , Tasteful : ذائقہ میں اچھا , Ungracious : ناخوشگوار , Aesthetic : حسین , Indelicate : غیر شائستہ , Elegance : کوئی نفیس شے شائستگی , Indecorous : نامعقول , Decorous : معقول , Tastelessly : بے دلی سے , Algarroba : خرنوب , Castration : خارج کرنے کا عمل , Clean : ناقابل اعتراض , Go Bad : خراب ہوجانا , Disqualify : غیر موزوں قرار دینا , Unseaworthy : بحری سفر کے لئے ناموزون ہونا , Unlivable : ناقابل سکونت , Disqualify : ناقابل بنانا , Afflicted : غیر موزوں , Condemn : غیر مناسب قرار دینا , Morality : اخلاقیات , Good : اچھا , Carrion : لاش , Affirmation : عہد , Blackguard : نیچ آدمی , Despicable : گھناونا , Seamy : گھٹیا , Bounden : اخلاقی طورپر ضروری

Useful Words Definitions

Evil: morally objectionable behavior.

Obligatory: morally or legally constraining or binding.

Answerable: morally or legally responsible to a higher authority.

Rank: very offensive in smell or taste.

Tastefulness: elegance indicated by good taste.

Tasteful: having or showing or conforming to good taste.

Ungracious: lacking charm and good taste.

Aesthetic: concerning or characterized by an appreciation of beauty or good taste.

Indelicate: in violation of good taste even verging on the indecent.

Elegance: a refined quality of gracefulness and good taste.

Indecorous: lacking propriety and good taste in manners and conduct.

Decorous: characterized by propriety and dignity and good taste in manners and conduct.

Tastelessly: without taste or in poor taste; in a tasteless manner.

Algarroba: long pod containing small beans and sweetish edible pulp; used as animal feed and source of a chocolate substitute.

Locust bean benefits : Good source of protein and vitamins, reduces the risk of cancer, can control diabetes, good for heart health, boost energy levels, good for weight loss. .

Castration: the deletion of objectionable parts from a literary work.

Clean: (of behavior or especially language) free from objectionable elements; fit for all observers.

Go Bad: become unfit for consumption or use.

Disqualify: declare unfit.

Unseaworthy: unfit for a voyage.

Unlivable: unfit or unsuitable to live in or with.

Disqualify: make unfit or unsuitable.

Afflicted: mentally or physically unfit.

Condemn: declare or judge unfit for use or habitation.

Morality: concern with the distinction between good and evil or right and wrong; right or good conduct.

Good: (often used as a combining form) in a good or proper or satisfactory manner or to a high standard (`good` is a nonstandard dialectal variant for `well`).

Carrion: the dead and rotting body of an animal; unfit for human food.

Affirmation: (religion) a solemn declaration that serves the same purpose as an oath (if an oath is objectionable to the person on religious or ethical grounds).

Blackguard: someone who is morally reprehensible.

Despicable: morally reprehensible.

Seamy: morally degraded.

Bounden: morally obligatory.

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