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Unpronounceable meaning in Urdu

جِس کا تَلَفُّظ صَحیح طَور پر بیان نہ کیا جا سَکے
Jesay Aasani Se Bayaan Na Kia Jasky
جسے آسانی سے بیان نہ کیا جاسکے

Unpronounceable Sentence

An unpronounceable foreign word.

Unpronounceable Synonym

Unpronounceable Definitions

1 of 2) Unpronounceable : جس کا تلفظ صحیح طور پر بیان نہ کیا جا سکے : (adjective) impossible or difficult to pronounce correctly.


2 of 2) Unpronounceable, Unutterable : جس کا تلفظ صحیح طور پر بیان نہ کیا جا سکے, جسے آسانی سے بیان نہ کیا جاسکے : (satellite adjective) very difficult to pronounce correctly.

Useful Words

Unlikable : پسند نہ آنے والا , Indomitability : ناقابل شکست , Imperceptible : بہت نازک , Invisible : پوشیدہ , Accurately : بالکل ٹھیک طرح , Set : ٹھیک کرنا , Keep : نظر رکھنا , Fit : درست ہونا , Spelldown : تلفظ درست کرنے کا مقابلہ , Condemn : سزا دینا , Articulate : بولنا , Mispronounce : تلفظ میں غلطی کرنا , Acquit : بری کرنا , Aspirate : سانس کی ذریعے کہنا , Irreplaceable : جس کو تبدیل نہ کیا جا سکے , Close Out : خارج کر دینا , Insuperable : ناقابل عبور , Unforgettable : ناقابل فراموش , Quenchless : جسے بجھایا نہ جا سکے , Indomitable : بے قابو , Insatiable : اطمینان دلانا ناممکن ہو , Immeasurable : ناقابل پیمائش , Impenetrable : ناقابل فہم , Unanswerable : ناقابل جواب , Indivisible : ناقابل تقسیم , Irrepressible : جس کو قابو نہ کیا جاسکے , Ineluctable : ناگزیر , Incontrovertible : ناقابل تردید , Indisputable : جس میں شک کی کوئی گنجائش نہ ہو , Impossibly : ناممکن طور پر , Inaudible : جو سنا نہ جا سکتا ہو

Useful Words Definitions

Unlikable: difficult or impossible to like.

Indomitability: the property being difficult or impossible to defeat.

Imperceptible: impossible or difficult to perceive by the mind or senses.

Invisible: impossible or nearly impossible to see; imperceptible by the eye.

Accurately: strictly correctly.

Set: set to a certain position or cause to operate correctly.

Keep: stick to correctly or closely.

Fit: be the right size or shape; fit correctly or as desired.

Spelldown: a contest in which you are eliminated if you fail to spell a word correctly.

Condemn: pronounce a sentence on (somebody) in a court of law.

Articulate: speak, pronounce, or utter in a certain way.

Mispronounce: pronounce a word incorrectly.

Acquit: pronounce not guilty of criminal charges.

Aspirate: pronounce with aspiration; of stop sounds.

Irreplaceable: impossible to replace.

Close Out: make impossible, especially beforehand.

Insuperable: impossible to surmount.

Unforgettable: impossible to forget.

Quenchless: impossible to quench.

Indomitable: impossible to subdue.

Insatiable: impossible to satisfy.

Immeasurable: impossible to measure.

Impenetrable: impossible to understand.

Unanswerable: impossible to answer.

Indivisible: impossible of undergoing division.

Irrepressible: impossible to repress or control.

Ineluctable: impossible to avoid or evade:.

Incontrovertible: impossible to deny or disprove.

Indisputable: impossible to doubt or dispute.

Impossibly: to a degree impossible of achievement.

Inaudible: impossible to hear; imperceptible by the ear.

Related Words

Incommunicative : خاموش

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