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Unredeemed meaning in Urdu

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Unredeemed Definitions

1) Unredeemed, Cursed, Damned, Doomed, Unsaved : سزا یافتہ, غیر محفوظ : (satellite adjective) in danger of the eternal punishment of Hell.

Useful Words

Damnation : جہنم کا عذاب , Damned : دائمی سزا یافتہ , Hell : دوزخ , Lost : برباد , Temporal : عارضی , G2h : جہنم میں جائو , Infernal : جہنمی , Agelessness : سدا بہار , Demonic : شیطانی , Beelzebub : ابلیس , Comminatory : دھمکی آمیز , Punitive : سزا سے متعلق , Give : سزا دینا , Parlous : خطر ناک , Unblinking : بلا ہچکچاہٹ , Menace : خطرے کا باعث , Ban : در بدر کر دینا , Deterrent Example : عبرت , Chasten : سدھارنا , Minor : صغیرہ , Condign : مناسب , Punishable : لائق سزا , Impunity : سزا سے چھٹکارا , Castigate : سزا دینا , Ransom : قید سے چھڑانے کا عمل , Chance : جوکھ , Safe And Sound : زخم یا خطرے سے محفوظ , Shadow : پناہ , All Clear : خطرہ ٹل جانے کا سگنل یا اشارہ , Recoverer : کفایت شعار , Hazardous : خطرناک

Useful Words Definitions

Damnation: the state of being condemned to eternal punishment in Hell.

Damned: people who are condemned to eternal punishment.

Hell: (Christianity) the abode of Satan and the forces of evil; where sinners suffer eternal punishment.

Lost: spiritually or physically doomed or destroyed.

Temporal: not eternal.

G2h: Go To Hell.

Infernal: an inhabitant of Hell.

Agelessness: the quality of being timeless and eternal.

Demonic: extremely evil or cruel; expressive of cruelty or befitting hell.

Beelzebub: (Judeo-Christian and Islamic religions) chief spirit of evil and adversary of God; tempter of mankind; master of Hell.

Comminatory: containing warning of punishment.

Punitive: inflicting punishment.

Give: inflict as a punishment.

Parlous: fraught with danger.

Unblinking: not shrinking from danger.

Menace: something that is a source of danger.

Ban: ban from a place of residence, as for punishment.

Deterrent Example: punishment intended as a warning to others.

Chasten: correct by punishment or discipline.

Minor: warranting only temporal punishment.

Condign: fitting or appropriate and deserved; used especially of punishment.

Punishable: liable to or deserving punishment.

Impunity: exemption from punishment or loss.

Castigate: inflict severe punishment on.

Ransom: the act of freeing from captivity or punishment.

Chance: a risk involving danger.

Safe And Sound: free from danger or injury.

Shadow: refuge from danger or observation.

All Clear: a signal (usually a siren) that danger is over.

Recoverer: someone who saves something from danger or violence.

Hazardous: involving risk or danger.

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