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Unscientifically Meaning in Urdu

Unscientifically in Sentence

They proceeded unscientifically when they dissected the mummy.

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Unscientifically in Detail

1. غیر سائنسی طور پر Ghair Sainsi Tor Par : Unscientifically : (adverb) in an unscientific way; not according to the principles of science.

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Useful Words

According : مطابق Mutabiq : (followed by `to`) in agreement with or accordant with. "According to instructions"

Non Not : نہیں Nahi : negation of a word or group of words. "Will not go like that"

Principle Rule : اصول Usool : a basic generalization that is accepted as true and that can be used as a basis for reasoning or conduct. "Their principles of composition characterized all their works"

Science Scientific Discipline : سائنس Science : a particular branch of scientific knowledge. "The science of genetics"

Unscientific : غیر سائنسی Ghair Sainsi : not consistent with the methods or principles of science. "An unscientific lack of objectivity"

Way : رستہ Rasta : any artifact consisting of a road or path affording passage from one place to another. "I`m on the way"