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Vague meaning in Urdu

Vague Sentences

Their descriptions of human behavior become vague, dull, and unclear.
Saw a vague outline of a building through the fog.

Vague Synonyms


Vague Definitions

1 of 3) Vague, Obscure : غیر واضع, مبہم : (satellite adjective) not clearly understood or expressed.

2 of 3) Vague, Undefined : غیر معین, غیر واضح : (adjective) not precisely limited, determined, or distinguished.

Vague feelings of sadness.
A vague uneasiness.

3 of 3) Vague, Dim, Faint, Shadowy, Wispy : دھندلا, مبہم, غیر واضح : (satellite adjective) lacking clarity or distinctness.

Useful Words

Damp : مبہم کرنا , Mistily : دھندلے پن سے , Blur : مبہم ہونا , Addled : نا قابل فہم , Belief : خیال , Evasive : مبہم , Indefinite : غیر واضح , Glimmer : اشارہ , Adumbration : پیشنگوئی , Equivocation : انحراف , Anxiety : تشویش , Convolute : مروڑنا , Opaque : غیر واضع , Cryptic : خفیہ , Bedim : دھندلا کرنا , Veil : پردہ کرنا , Obscurity : گمنامی , Obfuscate : دھندلا کرنا , Uncomprehended : سمجھ میں نہ آنے والا , Explainable : قابل وضاحت , Transparently : واضح طور پر , Around : اس جگہ , Smoke Screen : آڑ , Apprehensible : جو سمجھ میں آ سکے , Appreciated : پوری طرح سمجھا گیا , Info : خبر , God Knows How : خدا ہی جانتا ہے , Comprehendible : قابل فہم , Holism : نظریہ کلیت , Expert : فنی , Oracle : پیشنگوئی

Useful Words Definitions

Damp: make vague or obscure or make (an image) less visible.

Mistily: in a vague way.

Blur: become vague or indistinct.

Addled: confused and vague; used especially of thinking.

Belief: a vague idea in which some confidence is placed.

Evasive: deliberately vague or ambiguous.

Indefinite: vague or not clearly defined or stated.

Glimmer: a slight suggestion or vague understanding.

Adumbration: the act of providing vague advance indications; representing beforehand.

Equivocation: falsification by means of vague or ambiguous language.

Anxiety: a vague unpleasant emotion that is experienced in anticipation of some (usually ill-defined) misfortune.

Convolute: practice sophistry; change the meaning of or be vague about in order to mislead or deceive.

Opaque: not clearly understood or expressed.

Cryptic: of an obscure nature.

Bedim: make obscure or unclear.

Veil: to obscure, or conceal with or as if with a veil.

Obscurity: an obscure and unimportant standing; not well known.

Obfuscate: make obscure or unclear.

Uncomprehended: not fully understood.

Explainable: capable of being understood.

Transparently: so as to be easily understood or seen through.

Around: to a particular destination either specified or understood.

Smoke Screen: an action intended to conceal or confuse or obscure.

Apprehensible: capable of being apprehended or understood.

Appreciated: fully understood or grasped.

Info: a message received and understood.

God Knows How: by some means not understood by the speaker.

Comprehendible: capable of being comprehended or understood.

Holism: the theory that the parts of any whole cannot exist and cannot be understood except in their relation to the whole.

Expert: of or relating to or requiring special knowledge to be understood.

Oracle: a prophecy (usually obscure or allegorical) revealed by a priest or priestess; believed to be infallible.

Related Words

Unclear : غیر واضح , Indefinable : ناقابل وضاحت , Indistinct : غیر واضع

Close Words

Vagueness : دھندلا پن

Close Words Definitions

Vagueness: unclearness by virtue of being poorly expressed or not coherent in meaning.

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